4 More Inbound Marketing Ideas for Hotels

We recently published a blog article entitled, 5 Inbound Marketing Ideas for Hotels. Being that there are so many creative ways that hotels can leverage the power of Inbound Marketing, we wanted to add a few more ideas to the list. Below are four more Inbound Marketing ideas for hotels.

BlogTalkRadio Show – Local Events Program

BlogTalkRadio is a free online tool that allows anyone to host their own radio show. You can have guest callers or just broadcast the show yourself. Each radio show is archived, so that those who cannot listen live, can listen to the archived version. It’s really a great tool for small businesses. Hosting your own radio show is a great way to produce audio-based content for your business. Hotels can certainly take advantage of a free radio show.

Content Marketing for HotelsHotels can start out with with a weekly Blog Talk Radio show, whereby you can discuss upcoming events in and around your local hotel. Each week there are a ton of local events in every community. Many times, local residents don’t even know about these events, which means there are even fewer travelers who know about local events. With that said, when people are traveling to a destination, either on business or for fun, they are always looking to find out what’s going on in the local area. Your radio show can help your guests understand just what’s happening in the area while they’re in town. Even if they can’t catch the live show, you can point them to a recent archive that discusses events that are happening during their stay. Guests will find this information extremely valuable, which will entice them to spread the word about your hotel AND continue to use your services each time they are in town. Hosting a Blog Talk Radio show for your hotel is a great way to produce relevant and valuable content for your guests. Be sure to promote your radio shows in your hotel and through all of your online social tools.

A few months back, I was interviewed for a Blog Talk Radio Show geared towards Salon Marketing. Although it’s not hotel-related, at least you can get a glimpse into what a Blog Talk Radio Show sounds like. Check out my Blog Talk Radio interview on Social Media Marketing for Salons.

Twilight Tweet Specials

Twitter is one of our favorite online tools for business here at Catalyst Marketers. Twitter allows you to connect with more people than you can with many traditional marketing tactics. Twitter also allows you to build relationships with those folks and spread your content to them. Hotels can take advantage of Twitter in a variety of ways, but for this post, I want to talk about one specific idea –> Use Twitter to connect with late night partiers in the local area, who might be looking for a cheap room instead of driving home.

Twitter has recently added location to tweets, which you can turn on by going into your Twitter Settings. By turning on your location, it allows others to find you based on that information. Also, if you have a large following of local residents, your tweets will reach your target audience. We all know that any vacant hotel room is lost revenue. Twitter provides hotel owners with a tool that can connect with local residents in real-time. Each night, hotels usually have multiple open rooms. If they don’t rent them, that revenue is lost. Many times hotels will offer steep discounts on their open rooms. Twitter provides you with a tool that can reach your target customers, at a time when they might be thinking about staying in the area instead of going home (if they’ve been drinking or if it’s really late). You can offer deep discounts to your Twitter followers if they come into your hotel that night. Even if you get two or three rooms filled at a discounted rate, those rooms would have been sitting empty without Twitter. Now, multiply 2 or 3 rooms per weekend night for a full year. That’s a lot of revenue that you may not have realized without using Twitter. If you’re not using Twitter to market your hotel, definitely take some time to start learning how Twitter can work for you.

Yelp Review Rewards Program

Are you using Yelp to promote your hotel? Yelp is a location-based online tool that allows consumers to review local businesses. Many consumers check Yelp reviews before deciding where to eat or where to stay when they visit an unfamiliar location. Other consumers use Yelp reviews even when they are familiar with a location. It’s a way to get feedback on different venues from your peers. Hotels can take advantage of this by promoting Yelp Reviews for their hotel.

Hotels can run a program, whereby they reward consumers for leaving a review on their Yelp page. Now, Yelp does not like when business owners entice consumers to write positive reviews, so be sure that you reward ALL reviews, not just positive reviews. If you’re nervous about negative reviews, well then perhaps you should take a hard look at your business, maybe there are areas you can improve upon. Negative reviews can actually help a hotel understand it’s deficiencies, and thereby give them an opportunity to fix them. Each time a consumer writes a review about your hotel on Yelp, simply reach out to that consumer and provide him or her with a discount on their next stay at your hotel. Be sure to promote this program in your hotel (preferably when guests check-in and check out) and on your social sites.

Flickr Slide Shows

Have you heard the saying, “pictures are worth a thousand words,”? Well, Flickr allows you to tell stories about your hotel through imagery. Hotels can create Flickr slide shows to help give prospective customers a glimpse into what they can expect if they were to stay at your hotel. Hotels can create slide shows from imagery of the local area, imagery of their hotel, their hotel rooms, the hotel bar, the hotel lobby, etc. There are countless stories that can be told through imagery when it comes to marketing your hotel. Flickr slide shows are a great way to do that. Be sure you start capturing digital images from insider your hotel and around the local area. Then start sharing those images with your prospective customers, so that they can see all of the wonderful amenities that you offer at your hotel.

Hopefully this post, and the previous post, 5 Inbound Marketing Ideas for Hotels, will help you come up with some creative ways to use Inbound Marketing to promote your hotel. If you have any questions about any of these ideas, please feel free to leave a comment. Also, if you’ve run any of these promotions already, please share your story with readers who might be looking for some real world examples. You can do this by leaving a comment as well.

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  1. Another quickfire solution to increase occupancy that’s free: register your hotel with Google+, Google Places, and Google Maps. The latter of the two will land your hotel atop the organic search results and are perfect for last minute reservations: guests in Miami will search “Miami hotel” and they’ll be shown a map with your location, email, phone, and website. Couldn’t be an easier or quicker way to get more reservations.


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