Every Blog Post is an Opportunity to LOSE Followers

Are you currently using online social tools to connect and communicate with your audience? If so, BRAVO! If you’re a Catalyst Marketers Blog subscriber, then you know we are all about using free online tools to reach more people, build relationships with those folks, and ultimately drive sales.

With that being said, this post is a cautionary tale about understanding the power of online communication and the impact it could have on your small business. This post isn’t meant to deter you from using online social tools, and specifically, blogging. It’s simply a reminder to be sure that EVERY time you produce something, you should try to make it your best work to date.

Blog for my small businessEach and every time you produce a new blog post, a new video, or audio program, there may be some followers who find the content so off-target that they actually stop following your business online. The other day I was on Twitter and clicked on a link that was tweeted by one of my followers. The link brought me to his blog and I read the post. The post was riddled with assumptions, had spelling and grammar mistakes, and was simply uninformative. Just like that, I stopped following this individual on Twitter. If I had been subscribed to his blog, I would have unsubscribed.

See the thing is that in an online world that is becoming saturated with content, yours has to stand out. If nothing else, it has to be mistake free and it must demonstrate that you actually took time crafting the message. Here are a few things that you may want to ask yourself as you’re crafting a new piece of online content:

  • Are there any grammatical errors in my new blog post?
  • Is the information relevant and educational for MY audience?
  • Are my stats and data accurate?
  • Have I included images and/or links to other relevant content in my blog post?

If you answer the above questions each time you create a new piece of online content, then you limit the chance that someone who you’d consider to be part of your target audience, will unsubscribe from your blog or stop following your small business online.

I hope that this post doesn’t scare people away from producing online content and writing in their business blog. Sometimes we can all get caught up and we may skip a few steps here and there. This post should remind us all that each time you create something online, it stays there forever (or at least a very long time). You want to make sure that your content stands out and continues to attract new followers, as opposed to losing current followers.

One last thing, don’t lose your personality and become too vanilla, as that’s the fastest way to lose followers. You must be confident in the content that you’re producing. If you want to be controversial, be controversial. If you want to take a stand on an issue, take a stand. With that said, be sure that you understand that every piece of content you produce online, can and will have some sort of impact on your business. Hopefully the majority of your content is sought after by your followers. You have to remember that you cannot please everyone and you should focus on pleasing and educating the individuals that make sense for your small business. Each time you go to hit that “publish” button, just be sure you re-read your content and ask yourself a few simple questions. Once you’re pleased with the answers, then go ahead and publish that great new educational blog content to the world.


  1. Great points made! So many blogs to follow on the internet! No time or inclination to follow one that can’t use a spell check or have it proof-read for grammatical errors. Thanks for posting!!

  2. Livingstone – Thanks so much for the feedback. I really appreciate it. I totally agree. Is there anything else that deters you from reading a blog or following a specific person/business on social media?


    Ryan Taft

  3. Ryan – now, you KNOW, I’ve got to share my thoughts on this :-)

    Very good points here, it’s absolutely critical that you consistently produce your best work. Especially when it comes to blogging. For one, people have too many distractions and if you’re work doesn’t grab their attention and hold them hostage – then you’ve lost them. If you only blog once a week, do it . . . just make sure it’s your best work for the week. Don’t rush or put out something “just to get something up.”

    Good work, sir.

  4. Rod – Thanks so much for reading the post AND leaving a comment. I’m honored to have you on the blog. Great feedback! It absolutely reinforces the post. You’re so right about the “distraction factor”.

    People can follow Rod on Twitter @RodKirby


    Ryan Taft

  5. I get your point that you have to make sure your work is professional but I feel that your message is a little apocalyptic.

    People want to read opinions… And want personality. Fact ravaged blogs are tough to read and don’t garner much support.

    All that being said I think your point is definitely valid…


    Ryan H., http://www.ryanhanley.com

  6. Ryan – First — Cool name. Thanks for taking time to read and comment on the post. I 100% agree with your point. I’m glad you added it since it wasn’t mentioned in the post. I can see what you mean about the apocalyptic aspect of the post. I didn’t mean for it to come off like that, so that’s good feedback man, thanks. But yeah, I totally agree that personalities and opinions should come through in everything you do online.

    Thanks for weighing in Ryan. Great advice.


    Ryan Taft

  7. I am confusing how to promote my blog..

  8. Coco – Let me know what questions I can answer for you.




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