Promote Your Small Business Blog through Google Places

Are you looking for ways to drive more traffic to your small business blog? Taking advantage of Google Places ‘Post to your place page’ functionality is a great way to do so. Google Places is a free online tool that allows business owners to list their business on Google Maps. At the same time, if you create a local business listing on Google, your business can start ranking in local search. The are many great benefits to having your business listed on Google Places, as well as, other local search tools. Today we are going to talk about one specific benefit, the ability to drive traffic to your small business blog.

Online Marketing Philadelphia PAOnce you’ve created a Google Places Profile for your small business, you can then begin using your profile as a way to drive traffic to your blog. First, navigate to your Google Places listing, click “Owner-verified listing” to get to your profile. Once you’re on your Google Places profile, on the right-hand side, there is a text box for you to “post to your place page”. The post to your place page area is the area that you can use to promote a new blog post.

Social Media Philadelphia PAWhen promoting your blog on Google Places, simply copy/paste the article title into the text box and then copy/paste the article link into the text box. One nice thing about Posting content to your Google Places Page is that Google Places allows you to input 160 characters — 20 more than Twitter. The extra 20 characters allows you to add the article link in full. By not using a URL shortener, you are adding to your inbound links, which is the single biggest factor in ranking you higher in search.

If you still have a few extra characters, you can ask people for a certain response, request they leave a comment on the blog, provide your thoughts on the article, or add a description to the article. Whatever you decide to do, definitely use those extra 20 characters to your advantage when promoting your new blog post on Google Places.

Once you’ve written your post and added your link, simply click ‘post’ to display your blog promotion on you Google Places Business listing. Now, when someone finds your Google Places Business Listing, they will see your post. If the post is relevant to them, they will click the link to read your blog.

Check out how your “Post to your place page” post looks like — follow the arrow within the image below to see what the Catalyst Marketers Google Places listing looks like.

Social Media Marketing Doylestown PA

Google Places is a great way to get qualified traffic to your small business blog, as first the person had to perform an online search using relevant terms for your small business. To make sure your Google Places listing ranks for relevant searches, you should use Google Adwords Keyword Tool to find relevant keywords to fill your Google Places Business Listing with. Optimizing your Google Places Business Listing for Search Engines is critical in driving quality traffic to your local business listing.

By optimizing your Google Places listing for search, you now know that most of the traffic that arrives to your listing is quality traffic. You can further qualify them if they then click on your link to your business blog. If that happens, that means the individual has now taken two actions to get to your blog. With that being said, my guess is that he/she will stay on your site for a while, as well as, click around on a few different pages within your site. This is exactly the kind of traffic you want on your business blog. Now get out there and start using your Google Places listing to promote your new blog articles.

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  1. Great blog post. Local search is becoming soooo big and with Google announcing yesterday that they are going to put the local search feature on the left hand side of the google search page this is becoming even more interesting.

    I was wondering if you don’t use categories (I noticed that you don’t use categories for your blog post permalinks) for your blog posts on purpose… in order to keep the permalink shorter so you can fit it into social media microposts etc for backlinks?

  2. Ryan -

    Thanks so much for your comment. I really appreciate it! Do you mind if I write an article about Google putting Local Search results in the left sidebar and then reference your comment??

    I did want to keep my URLs shorter, but was going back and forth about SEO value of having categories in there. Do you have any opinions one way or the other? We don’t claim to be SEO experts here at Catalyst ;) We have virtual partners for that. Let me know your thoughts.

    Thanks again!

    @RyanTaft (twitter)


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