Businesses Are Going Hollywood

Business is going Hollywood. We caught the first glimpse of this a few years back when Donald Trump created The Apprentice. At that time, TV was the big medium (and still is) for getting video-based content out into the world. Trump was a well-established business person, and somewhat of a celebrity already. He was looked at as unique for his ability to infiltrate Hollywood as nothing more than a businessman.

Now, as time has passed, ONLINE VIDEO is picking up more and more steam. It’s allowing once unknown business leaders to become celebrities. It’s getting to the point that business leaders are becoming as popular as movie stars (well perhaps not yet, but soon, very soon). Chris Brogan is a HUGE business celebrity. He has a big-time following of business professionals and business owners. Same with Mike Michalowitz – The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur. Then you have guys like David “Siteman” Garland who is an big-time up & comer with his own online video show. All three of these business leaders use online video to spread their ideas and educate their readers. Thankful fans hungrily chase the next bit of news from, or about, their favorite business leaders. As their popularity grows within their own niche, their reach expands, and eventually these successful business leaders will hit a tipping point in their celebrity and they will become as Hollywood as Matt Damon and Rachel McAdams. By recognizing this trend, as a small business owner, or heck, a 12 year old middle-schooler for that matter, you have the opportunity to grow your local brand into BIG-TIME, SUPERSTAR BRAND.

Video for my businessThe biggest key to the college student working on a side project, or business owner looking to grow her business, to becoming a star is their ability to use video to communicate their message, just as Hollywood stars use video to communicate their acting talent. Video, more than other content forms, captures personality and creates a deeper connection with the audience. Due to decreasing video production and distribution costs, everyone can become an online video celebrity. Do you have a crazy lead Chef at your restaurant that you’ve always said, this guy could have his own show? Well, give him his own show. Create a YouTube Channel and turn your lead Chef into the next Emeril Lagasse. Are you a quirky fashion designer with passionate ideas about the future of fashion in America? Create your own Future of Fashion Channel on YouTube and start blasting out videos about fashion. Do you walk dogs for a living? Start recording your “Doggy Adventures” and publish those videos to your YouTube Channel. Start educating dog owners about the benefits of exercise for dogs.

What I’m hoping to get across here is that there’s an audience out there for everyone, no matter what business you’re in. Start positioning yourself as the next big thing in your market. Capture your local market first – go Hollywood in your community, and then begin branching out. One great way to help your small business go Hollywood is through the use of online video, which shares many benefits with TV, for a small fraction of the costs.


  1. Thanks, Ryan. That was really nice of you to mention me. To the top!

  2. David – You got it my man. Thanks for everything that you’re doing to help me and other business owners.

  3. Interesting perspective, but I think there’s a different way to tell this story:

    I’m thinking the REAL story is that businesses will all start seeing themselves as part media company. Instead of just being a company that installs heating systems, you’ll be the company that installs heating systems and shoots fun videos of weird things found in the old heating system, or the company that has a web radio show about other ways to cut down on heating expenses.

    I think businesses like Rackspace who hired Robert Scoble get that. I think that Brian Halligan of Hubspot has said it so many times that people are sick of it.

    And yet, that’s really the story.

    Meanwhile, I’m a media company that makes business. Fancy that.

    And thanks for the post. : )

  4. Chris – I really appreciate you taking the time to read AND post a comment on the blog. What you’re saying makes total sense. I think that our readers will really dig the insight. Thank you.


    Ryan Taft


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