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After giving Facebook Places plenty of time to prove itself as a viable competitor to location-based giants like foursquare and SCVNGR, we now know that Facebook Places is definitely a tool that all small business owners who have a physical storefront should be taking advantage of. Due to the sheer size of the Facebook community, small businesses should use Facebook Places as a viable marketing channel. Hopefully most of you reading this article have added your small business to Facebook Places. Once your business has been added to Facebook Places you can go ahead and claim your Place on Facebook.

There are a number of benefits to claiming your business on Facebook Places. Once you claim your small business you can then update your Place. Small Business owners can post updates to anyone who ‘Likes’ your Place page, which means you can use Facebook Places to build relationships with customers and prospects. You can also ensure all of the business information is correct and even run promotions through your Place page on Facebook.

Claim my Facebook PlaceNow that you’re convinced that claiming your small business on Facebook Places is the way to go, let’s go ahead and walk you through how to claim your business on Facebook Places.

Find Your Place Page on Facebook

The first step is definitely the easiest of all the steps. Simply navigate to your Facebook Places page. Find the “Is this your business?” link on the left sidebar.

Claim Your Place Page on Facebook

Click the “Is this your business?” link on the left sidebar. A pop-up message will appear. Read the message and when you’re ready, check the box next to “I certify that I am an official representative of your business name“.

Verify Your Place Page on Facebook

So step 1 was the easiest part and this last step is the most difficult. With that said, it’s not terribly time consuming, but it is a little more tedious than claiming your business on foursquare. In order to verify that you’re an official representative of the business, Facebook requires you to provide an official document, like your local business license. Once that’s been reviewed and approved you’re now the proud owner of your Place page on Facebook!

Use Facebook Places to Promote Your Small Business

Now that you’re officially in control of your business’s Place page on Facebook you can start using it to engage customers and prospects. Location Marketing is a growing trend and with 500+ million people on Facebook, it’s a good thing that you took the time to claim your small business on Facebook Places.

Leave a comment below to let us know what you think of Facebook’s “claiming process”.


  1. I converted a couple Business Pages into Places and appear to have lost the FBML pages we had or not able to make them now. Do you know anything about that by chance?

  2. Can Facebook places really beat Foursquare? I see some sites like people can use can use to talk about places they check in and to share office gossip anonymously that are already built on top of facebook places. The advantage facebook has compared to other sites is Huge Huge user base.. Time will only tell who wins!!!

  3. Ryan – I’m not sure if Facebook took this into consideration when they setup the merge function. I’m not 100% on how to get them back.

  4. I think that you’re missing out on the importance of knowing the limitations of Facebook Deals when it comes to businesses and marketing.

    Here at MePlease, while we feel that Facebook Deals is a great way to start a mobile conversation with your customers, you should know that Facebook will retain all of the demographic data of your consumers who check-in and like your Places and Deals.

    Although Facebook Deals will reach the early adopters willing to check-in at your Place, it will not give you what you really want as a business owner, which is better understanding of individual customers and their friends. This means that the conversation remains a one-to-many, broad-reaching communication, that is generic and fairly anonymous.

    Thus, businesses MUST develop a long term mobile and social strategy, keeping Deals in mind but not relying on it solely to drive business to their locations.

  5. Steve – Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. The way you open your comment is pretty interesting, especially when you’re using another agency’s blog to promote your business. I agree with you that Facebook Places is not the end all and is simply one piece of a larger social media strategy. I also think that the data gleaned from Places can be useful to business owners. It may not be exactly what we are looking for, but it’s definitely beneficial. Thanks again for taking the time to leave a comment. Hopefully readers can overcome your tone in order to take away some of your key insights.



  6. It will be interesting to see how places develops on Facebook. Personally, I wish FourSquare would have sold out to them when they had the chance. I like it much better, but with places it’s one less app to worry about and all my Facebook friends are on it already.

  7. I would absolutely agree with you Brad. We are big foursquare advocates here at Catalyst. You hit the nail on the head when you say, “with places it’s one less app to worry about and all my Facebook friends are on it already.”. Foursquare may have missed the boat. Another location-based app that we love (because it offers something different than foursquare and Places) is SCVNGR. What are your thoughts on SCVNGR for business?

  8. I already have a business page on Facebook. If I “claim my business” as a Facebook place, will I lose my existing business page (and all the posts, friends, etc. that it has accumulated)? The step-by-step instructions (shown in your screen capture above) says, “Claiming this Place will turn it into a Facebook Page”. What if I already have a Facebook Page???

  9. Jay – Thanks so much for taking time to leave a comment! Glad to hear you have a Facebook Business Page setup for your business. Claiming your Facebook Place will not alter your Facebook Business Page. You’re able to MERGE the two, which we will cover in an upcoming blog article, but you must take additional steps to do this. You can go ahead and claim your Facebook Place. It will NOT affect your Facebook Business Page.


    Ryan Taft

  10. According to Facebook, I can claim my page as long as my email address is clearly associated with my business, which it is. So, I completed the claiming process. Now, how long does it take Facebook to approve the claim? It’s been almost a week and I have heard not a peep.

  11. Edward -

    Thanks for taking time to leave a comment. Glad to hear you claimed your Facebook Place page. Regarding timing, that one is really up to Facebook. Sometimes it can take several weeks depending on how jammed up they are. Good luck with it!


    Ryan Taft

  12. Okay, I am in the process of trying to merge my FB business place and page. In order to see the merge option, I am supposed to claim my place, but there is no option for me to do that. There is no option for anyone to claim my place page… So I am assuming it has already been claimed by a previous employee. Do you know how to figure out who claimed your place page?

    Any insight would be great!

  13. Jessica – Thanks so much for leaving a comment. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of great options if someone already claimed your place. I’d start by emailing current employees to ask. You can also try to reach out to Facebook, but that’s always a mess. Let us know how it turns out!



  14. How does this measure up with Google Places? I have not heard much about Facebook places and business listings.

  15. Steven – Thanks for the comment! Facebook Places is more like foursquare than it is Google Places. It’s a free tool that has the potential to get your business in front of your target audience on Facebook. Here’s an article we wrote that explains a little more about what Facebook Places does:


    Ryan Taft

  16. Ryan I have a question, I made a business page for my church about a week ago. I stumbled on your blog and did as you said and submitted my claim for the business place. On my page, there is no “check-in” box but there is a check-in box on the place. Is there any way I can get a check-in box on my page also instead of just on my place since most people are on the page anyway.

  17. Ryan, I claimed a Place for my father-in-law’s business that I was administrator of. I had created the page and everything and then clicked the protect your page. I went through the process of verifying at my father-in-laws office so I could receive the phone call at his office to verify the Place. I received the call and the code. I entered the code on Facebook for the verification process and its said This place could not be claimed at this time. All of a sudden I am no longer administrator of the page and neither are the other two people who were also assigned as administrators. Do you have any idea what is going on? I can not longer make posts or anything and the page is just hanging out there with no administrators and it really irritates me because now I look like an idiot because I can do nothing for his business to promote social media on Facebook. I did this Saturday and it’s been 24 hours. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  18. Craig -

    Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately it sounds like it’s a Facebook issue. I’d suggest searching for your issue on Google or in Facebook’s forum. See if anyone else is having the same issue. It’s difficult when buggy things happen to social media sites. They don’t provide a lot of support. Good luck with it.



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