Corporate Chains Should Create Treks on SCVNGR

Starbucks, Marriott, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, 7-Eleven, Rita’s Water Ice, Cheesecake Factory…you name the chain, and I’ll tell you that they should build a Trek on SCVNGR. Using SCVNGR for business is going to increase in popularity over the coming months, especially after the publicity from the New England Patriots SCVNGR campaign that’s currently going on. SCVNGR is a mobile game that ties geo-location into real-world activities.

SCVNGR users can create challenges tied to a physical location, as well as, create Treks, which are a set of Challenges across multiple locations. Business owners can use SCVNGR to create Challenges at their business. These Challenges help business owners keep their customers engaged, as well as, allow the customer to help spread your marketing message. If you own a chain of stores, like the companies profiled above, you should consider building a Trek on SCVNGR to promote your message, keep customers engaged, and generate buzz.

SCVNGR MarketingStarbucks should create a National Trek on SCVNGR, whereby customers who stop at stores across the U.S. will check-in and complete Challenges at each location. Starbucks can even create a Global Trek on SCVNGR. The possibilities don’t stop there, as local county-based Treks can be built, or Treks for a city. What I’m saying is that if you own multiple stores, you can build a Trek on SCVNGR for your business. You don’t have to be Starbucks to take advantage of this creative marketing opportunity. Perhaps you’re a chain of 3 local donut shops, a chain of 11 regional hotels, a chain of 20 gyms…whatever business you’re in, SCVNGR provides a platform for you to engage your customer across multiple locations.

SCVNGR users who complete your Treks should be awarded prizes. A local Toyota dealership gave away a car. A jeweler in Philadelphia gave away a diamond ring. The couple who found it got engaged right then and there. The story was all over the news in Philadelphia and SCVNGR is promoting it on their site as well. By getting creative, taking advantage of new technologies, and giving away a $5,000 ring (which probably cost the dealer about $2,200), this jeweler got a TON of awesome PR, numerous local prospects now know about his business, and one happy couple is going to tell their engagement story thousands of times over the rest of their life. That’s pretty powerful stuff!

The more we dig into SCVNGR here at Catalyst, the more we love what we see. It doesn’t matter if you’re the Marriott Corporation or the owner of a few motels out in Vegas, you can use SCVNGR to promote your business. Let us know if you have any questions about using SCVNGR. We can help you strategize and execute your next SCVNGR promotion.

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