Create a Facebook Window Cling for Your Small Business

Ever since we published the article Drive Traffic to Facebook with Facebook Window Clings we have been receiving a ton of emails and phone calls from business owners across the country who are looking to purchase a Facebook Window Cling from us. That would be a great return-on-investment story if the goal of that article was to drive sales of Facebook Window Clings. Unfortunately, we don’t sell Facebook Window Clings! :)

We actually wrote the post after we received a Facebook Window Cling for Catalyst Marketers. The package came from Facebook and we hadn’t done anything to request it. That led us to assume that Facebook was sending Window Clings out to all owners of a Facebook Business Page. And they very well could be doing that. With that said, we haven’t read any other articles about Facebook sending out the Window Clings. Due to the high demand of Facebook Window Clings from small business owners, and seemingly lack of supply from Facebook, we decided to write this follow-up article to help you create your very own Facebook Window Cling using

Register for

Facebook MarketingThe first step in the process of creating your very own Facebook Window Cling for your business is to sign-up for Registering for Vistaprint is free and pretty simple. Once you’ve registered successfully simply navigate to the left sidebar under the Business section. You’ll see the Signage category. Hover over “Signage” and a sub-menu will appear. Click “Window Decals”.

Design Your Facebook Window Cling

Vistaprint allows you to build your very own “Window Decal”. Vistaprint offers two decal sizes to choose from. You can also choose from their many different decal designs OR upload your own custom design (we definitely think the latter option is worth doing, but you would need to hire a designer and review Vistaprint’s specs). We recommend that you select a design from Vistaprint.

  • Step 1: Select a Style –> LARGE Window Cling
  • Create a Facebook Window Cling

  • Step 2: Choose How to Design It –> Browse our designs
  • Facebook Marketing

  • Step 3: Large Window Decals Pop-Up –> Click ‘Use your photos and logos” at the bottom of the pop-up
  • Step 4: Pick Any Design for Your Business –> We are going to select the one in the top right corner. See the image below to see the design that we selected.
  • Facebook Marketing Small Business

  • Step 5: Upload Your Image –> Upload the Facebook Logo. If you do not have a Facebook Logo, then simply use Google Images and search “Facebook Logo”. Download the version you’d like to use for your Facebook Window Cling.
  • Step 6: Enter your Text –> Fill in your Company Name | Company Message – Use the following “LIKE” Us on Facebook | Phone – Use the following “Your Company Name on Facebook” | Web/Other – Use your custom Facebook URL | Hours/Other – Write 1 sentence designed to drive customers to connect with you on Facebook right then & there from their mobile phone.
  • Social Media Marketing Agency Philadelphia

  • Step 7: Advanced Editing & Confirm all Copy is correct –> If you want to add more text, change fonts and colors, or move things around on your Facebook Window Cling then select Advanced Edit. Once you’re finished editing & reviewing your work, check the box to confirm that you approve the copy. Then click the ‘Next’ button.
  • Step 8: Select Options –> Choose the quantity of Facebook Window Clings that you want to purchase, as well as, select other options to add to your purchase.
  • Step 9: Display Options –> Choose how you want to apply your decal. You can create a Facebook Window Cling that’s applied to the inside or outside of the window. We are recommending that you select the first option; inside.
  • Facebook for business

  • Step 10: Checkout –> Now Vistaprint is going to ask you to purchase additional items. If you’re not interested then simply skip through the next three screens and proceed to checkout! For less than $14 you just created your very own Facebook Window Cling!

Facebook Window Cling for Your Small Business

By taking 5 minutes to read this article and then spending another 30 minutes (tops) creating a Window decal on you now have your very own Facebook Window Cling. You can place it on glass surfaces within your store in order to promote your business. A Facebook Window Cling is a great way to drive your customers to join your online community on Facebook. Once they are connected with you through your Facebook Business Page you can continue:

  • educating them about your products and services
  • building an even stronger relationship with them
  • turning them into brand advocates for your business
  • selling them your products and services


  1. A QR Code would be PERFECT here…in place of text “Write 1 sentence designed to drive customers to connect with you on Facebook right then & there from their mobile phone.” Take them right to it!!
    There are many QR code generators. Here’s a link to one

  2. Rebecca – Thanks so much for the information! I’m sure our readers will really appreciate it.


    Ryan Taft

  3. Does Facebook provide QR codes for their page?

  4. Maxwell -

    Thanks so much for the comment. Yes, you can setup a QR code for your Facebook page, though it’s not through Facebook. A company called Likify provides software for you to setup a QR code to LIKE your Facebook Page. Let me know how your campaign goes if you implement it.



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