Custom Facebook URLs No Longer Require 25 ‘Likes’

Facebook has recently made it much easier to get a custom Facebook URL for your small business Facebook page. It used to be that Facebook required all Facebook pages to accumulate 25 ‘Likes’ prior to them being able to quality for a custom URL. This requirement caused a lot of small business owners who were just getting started on Facebook to use that ugly URL string for their page. The problem with the old way of doing things was that when small business owners went to promote their Facebook page on other marketing collateral, such as in-store, on their website, on print ads, etc. the URL was not easily read and couldn’t be typed into a browser without a lot of patience on behalf of the customer. Realizing that their rules were causing headaches for business owners and Facebook users, Facebook has changed the rule.

Facebook URLNow, you can setup a custom Facebook URL right away. No more waiting until you have 25 ‘Likes’. If you currently have a Facebook page with that ugly URL string, simply go ahead and change it. For those of you who are thinking about creating a Facebook business page for your small business, now is the time! Here’s why it’s important to have a Custom Facebook Business Page URL.

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