Dell Does Twitter – Do You?

Dell is a shining example of an organization using new social tools, in this case Twitter, to build its brand and communicate with customers. Dell has not one, but multiple Twitter accounts. One key to promoting your business on Twitter is to not be overly promotional. Every tweet shouldn’t be “buy this”, “discount on that”. Tweets should be informative and even push users to educational content that’s relevant to your business. Dell takes this theory to a whole new level.

Since Dell wants to make sure that they get all of their promotions out there, but at the same, do not constantly interrupt their followers with promotions, they’ve created a Twitter account solely for promoting refurbished Dell computers and electronics – @DellOutlet. By following @DellOutlet, twitterers are essentially opting in to receive Dell promotions. Dell makes it very clear that this particular account will be used for promoting their specials. This strategy allows Dell to get their promotions out without offending their followers. Can you incorporate this strategy into your small business? I think you can.

In a recent article written on Open Forum®, Dell’s Senior Manager for Corporate Affairs, Richard Binhammer spoke about how Social Media can work for small businesses, “Make it easy for your customer to talk to you. Do simple things to thank your customers for their business. Ask them for suggestions. Go where your customers congregate, whether it be Facebook or Twitter or elsewhere, and participate in those conversations. Also, listen to your customers in the blogosphere. What they have to say is vitally important to your business.”

The tools are out there and waiting for you to use them for your small business. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, there are online tools that can help your business be more efficient, as well as, help you interact and build relationships with your customers. That’s what it’s all about in this economy. You have to think differently, think smarter. How can you stretch your marketing budget while getting more of a return on those dollars? The answer is easy, use social tools. Your customers are using them, there is a ton of help out there to get you started, the costs are almost zero, and with a strong strategy in place, the results are fantastic. Get your small business on social tools today. If you need help, simply contact Catalyst Marketers.


  1. Nick – Thanks for reading the blog AND leaving a comment. I appreciate your insight. What I’m impressed with is that a large organization was able to leverage an online social tool like Twitter to provide better services to their customers. Eventually, through tools like Twitter, Dell will have a ton of data to help them create new products and improve existing. This, to me, is powerful. With that said, the fact that on top of everything else, Twitter is actually generating sales for Dell, no matter how big/small (which I’m curious to know what 0.01% of Dell sales is in dollar terms – I’m sure it’s actually a nice chunk of change), is amazing to me. I also think it serves as an excellent model for small business owners, which are the people that Catalyst Marketers is trying to help. Does that make sense? Thoughts?


    Ryan Taft, Catalyst Marketers


  1. Catalyst Marketers - Dell Does Twitter – Do You?... Dell is a shining example of an organization using new social tools, in this case …

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