Don’t Use All 140 Characters in Your Tweets

Are you currently using Twitter for business? If so, congratulations! You’re doing the right thing. Twitter is a great tool for connecting with customers, prospects, and other individuals who share similar interests. It’s also a great way to promote your online content, events, products, and services.

For those of you who might be just getting started with Twitter, you may or may not know that Twitter only allows you to input 140 characters when creating a new tweet. This means your tweets have to be concise. You need to communicate your message in as few words as possible.

Follow @RyanTaft Philadelphia on TwitterRetweeting is a process whereby another Twitter user takes what you have tweeted and tweets it out to his/her Twitter followers. You can tell when something has been retweeted when a tweet is prefaced by the capital letters RT. The “RT” is usually followed by the original author’s username. The image to the right shows that @KratzPR retweeted my original tweet.

Retweets can make a huge impact in your success on Twitter. If someone takes time to ReTweet what you have to say, they are endorsing you. They are also exposing you and your tweet to all of their Twitter followers. This means that you may acquire a few new Twitter followers. Now imagine if one or a few of these new followers likes your tweet and decides to ReTweet it as well…Now we are really cooking. Welcome to the power of viral marketing.

The biggest key to getting others to ReTweet your content is to tweet information that your followers will find relevant and valuable. The next biggest key to getting others to Retweet content is to make sure you don’t use all 140 characters in your tweet. For each tweet, try to leave at least 10 characters out of your tweet. This way, when I go to ReTweet you, and Twitter automatically populates the “RT” characters and your username, I won’t have to alter your tweet in any way. If you use all 140 characters and I try to ReTweet you, I’m going to max out on my 140 character limit. The easier you make it for others to ReTweet you, the more likely they are to do so.

Twitter is a great tool for small businesses. By learning little tricks like this, success with Twitter for business will be much more likely.


  1. Fantastic post. I really mean that. So many people are not utilizing even a part of the full power of Twitter just because they are lacking just a few great tips like you just provided. Love your tips!



  2. Shane –

    Thanks so much for taking time to leave a comment. I really appreciate it. I’m glad you found the post helpful! I definitely hope more small business owners will begin using Twitter for business.

    Have a great weekend,

    Ryan Taft

  3. This was very helpful. My biggest issue with Twitter though is that it is hard to get followers. I have 500 friends for my personal page and 150 fans for my business page on FB. I have two twitter followers. Do I:

    1. Seek to close this gap?
    2. How would you suggest doing it?
    3. Why is it not just better to use my time on FB if it is harder to get followers on Twitter?

  4. Joe – Thanks for taking time to read the post AND leave a comment. I took a look at your blog and Facebook fan page. I’m glad to see you are using those tools. I see a ton of value in Twitter. How much time are you spending on Twitter vs. Facebook? Regarding number of followers, I prefer quality over quantity. With that said, 2 followers isn’t going to do it for you. There are a few things that you can do.

    1. Begin following people who fit your target audience criteria – TweetSearch is a good tool for finding folks on Twitter
    2. Try to build relationships with those who you follow; ReTweet their tweets – only the ones that make sense for your followers though
    3. Add #hashtags to your tweets
    4. As a Realtor, you should check out TweetLister –
    5. Download TweetDeck to help manage Twitter

    Let me know if this helps. You can always contact me if you have further questions:


    Ryan Taft


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