Drive Traffic to Facebook with Facebook Window Clings

In the never ending search for new ways to drive traffic to your Facebook business page, Facebook is now helping Small Business Owners with this task. With the arrival of the new Facebook changes last month, with the biggest being the switch from “becoming a fan of a Facebook page” to indicating that you ‘Like” a Facebook page, Facebook is taking their efforts offline. Here at Catalyst Marketers, we just received our first ever Facebook Window Cling. Have you received your Facebook Window Cling yet?

UPDATE: Due to the heavy demand for Facebook Window Clings we have written a follow-up article which shows you how to create a Facebook Window Cling for less than $14.

Catalyst Marketers Facebook Window ClingFirst, let’s define what a Window Cling is. Basically, a Window Cling is a sign that you can adhere to any window. Facebook realizes that business owners are looking for ways to drive traffic to their Facebook page. Facebook loves that business owners are spending time to drive traffic for Facebook, and to help in this effort, the Facebook Window Cling was born.

The Facebook Window Cling provides customers and passersby with your unique Facebook URL. If you haven’t created your unique Facebook URL yet, definitely take some time to do so – You need at least 25 people to Like your Facebook page before you can create the unique URL. By using the Facebook Window Cling to let folks know that you’re on Facebook, and by providing them with your custom Facebook URL, you WILL drive more people to your small business Facebook page. Of those, a percentage of them will Like your page, and then you can begin the relationship-building process.

Text LIKE CatalystMarketers to 32665

The other component that you’ll notice from the Facebook Window Cling image above is the Text component. I think this is a really good add by Facebook. Facebook understands how HUGE mobile communication and mobile commerce is becoming, and they, like everyone else, want to capitalize on it. Now, even if someone doesn’t have a smart phone that connects to the Internet, they can instantly Like your business page on Facebook by sending a text message. Pretty dope, huh? So, if you haven’t done so already, please text ‘Like CatalystMarketers’ to 32665 to indicate that you Like the Catalyst Marketers Facebook business page. :)

Where Should I Place My Facebook Window Cling?

Get creative here…A few places you might consider right off the bat are:

  • On the rear windshield of your vehicle
  • On your store window – The Facebook Window Cling should be visible to all patrons upon entering or walking past your store
  • On a local partner’s store window – If you partner with other local businesses in the area, perhaps they can put up your Facebook Window Cling in their store, and you can put up their Cling in your store. A little cross promotion action.

No matter where you place your Facebook Window Cling, be sure to take advantage of it, and other unique ways of driving traffic to your Facebook business page. Just because you’re on Facebook, doesn’t mean that people are going to automatically connect with you. It takes creativity and a little bit of effort on your part. Be sure that all of your customers know that you’re on Facebook. The first step could be for you to utilize your very own Facebook Window Cling.


  1. How do we actually obtain a window cling?

  2. But this presumes that the idea is a good one. Is our job to create demand for our products and services — and maybe even sell them? Or to “drive traffic” to a media company that is trying to “monetize” relationships between customers and businesses — relationships that, if you think about it, have nothing to do with Facebook beyond customers spending their FREE TIME there.

    Responsible marketers unit! Start driving “traffic” LESS and acquiring “customers” MORE — on YOUR site, not one that is designed as poorly as Facebook.

    Drive customers. Learn about them. Engage them. Understand their need state, capture it, act on it. And do it to the best of your ability — not with handcuffs!

  3. Jeff -

    I read some of your stuff and decided to subscribe. I look forward to exchanging ideas with you.

    It understand where you are coming from when you talk about getting customers to your site instead of Facebook. With that said, many small business owners don’t have their own sites or blogs just yet. They use Facebook as their online presence. Also, you have to start somewhere before you can “drive customers, learn about them, engage them…” and by driving them to Facebook, you can begin the conversation. I think Facebook, and other social networks, warrant some focus from business owners (as long as their target audience is spending time there).

    Thanks for taking time to read AND comment on the post.



  4. Ryan,
    I do indeed have a unique URL for our facebook, but never received one. Maybe it’s still on it’s way.

  5. Sarah –

    Yes, hopefully. I’m thinking Facebook is producing them in batches. With so many business pages on Facebook, I’m sure it’s going to take some time for everyone to get their Facebook Window Cling.

    Let me know when it arrives.



  6. Any word on these Facebook clings? Also I cannot find where to update my Page’s name. Following the link provided just linked to a page to update my personal facebook and not our Youth Center page.

  7. Ann –

    Go to this link: Under the area where you can change your personal link, there will be a hyperlink that says, something like, “Set a Username for your pages”. Click that. It will allow you to change your Username (as long as you have 25 ‘Likes’). As for the Window Clings, I’m not sure when they will arrive or how I received mine. It just showed up in the mail one day. I’m assuming Facebook is trying to produce one for every Business page. Not sure if you heard, but they announced 500 million users ;) We are not in contact with Facebook in any way. I hope you get your Facebook Window Cling soon! I hope the Username information above helped.


    @RyanTaft (follow me on Twitter)

  8. Ryan,
    I have not received a cling either, but as I was reading this and thinking about Facebook actually expending the money to do that for every business page, I had a thought. Perhaps they sent them only to people in the business of marketing/social media. That gives them a bigger bang for a lesser buck. Just a thought.

  9. Catherine -

    That’s a great point. I had never thought of that and you very well may be right. It would be a smart play by Facebook. Did you see our most recent article where we explain to small business owners how they can create their own Facebook Window Cling through –>

    Thanks for such an insightful comment!


    Ryan Taft


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