Use Your Facebook Status to Engage Your Customers

An engaged audience is a profitable audience. Engagement is the key to success with Social Media Marketing. Engagement is all about eliciting a response or action from your community. You want your community to be actively involved in your business. By getting them involved you’re giving them a stake in the game, a voice, a feeling of belonging to something… When you make your customers and prospects feel like what they say and do matters to you then those individuals are going to come to you when they have a need for your products or services. They are also going to help you spread the word about your business, which sometimes is more profitable for your business than their individual purchases. Getting your customers engaged in your online activities is a great way to “turn strangers into friends and friends into customers”.

Use Facebook More EffectivelyUsing your Facebook business page wall you can leave status updates for your community. Too many times small business owners use their wall as a microphone for shouting their message instead of a funnel for collecting responses from their community. The simple act of asking a question on your Facebook Wall can engage your audience to leave a response. The key is to post content that is relevant to your audience and to your small business and within the content there should be a call-to-action. By including a call-to-action you’re asking your audience to take part in an activity related to your business.

Here are just a few of the many actions that you can solicit from your prospects and customers through your Facebook Status:

  • Answer a question
  • Take part in a quick survey
  • Share the Facebook wall post with a friend or colleague
  • ‘LIKE’ the wall post
  • Leave a comment with their thoughts and/or opinions of the wall post
  • Stop by your store to take part in a big sale
  • Follow your small business on Twitter or any other social network that you’re on
  • Subscribe to your e-Newsletter
  • Download your latest brochure
  • Navigate to your blog or small business website
  • Participate in a contest or giveaway
  • Provide you with feedback on any aspect of your business
  • Purchase a product or service

As you can see there are numerous ways to use your Facebook wall to engage your online community. By getting your online community engaged in your Facebook activities you’re going to entice more new people to ‘LIKE’ your Facebook business page as people want to be a part of an active page, not one that has little to no activity OR one that only uses their Facebook business page as a microphone. Seemingly small tactics like using your Facebook status to engage your customers rather than as just another billboard for your small business can go a long way in converting prospects into customers and customers in long-time brand advocates.

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  1. Ryan:

    I really love the last line of this post. Engagement is the engine of the social media train. However, the more I get involved, I am amazed how few people truly stay committed when it comes to two-way engagement.


  2. Jimmy –

    Thanks for leaving a comment. I really appreciate it. I understand what you’re getting at. You’re spot on. It is definitely difficult for business owners to keep their customers engaged. Sometimes they have to make tough decisions on who to spend more time on and who to engage occasionally. It’s not a perfect system as you want to keep EVERYONE engaged if possible. Then again we have to deal in realities at times as well… The reality is that sometimes business owners must decide who to engage and how often.


    Ryan Taft

  3. I think that many small businesses are still clueless when it comes to engaging their audience in any social networking sites. I guess, they’re still stuck in the dark ages… and in our time, billboards may shine and glitter – but it’s all about listening to what your audience has to say that makes a huge difference.

  4. Ajeva – Thanks so much for taking time to leave a comment. It’s greatly appreciated! I 100% agree with the last part of your comment, “billboards may shine and glitter – but it’s all about listening to what your audience has to say that makes a huge difference”. You’re spot on!

    I do think that many small business owners still need to learn just how powerful online tools can be. It takes an investment on their part (either their own time or their marketing budget – if they have one). At this point, small business owners are reluctant to make the investment. I think as more and more business owners see their peers investing in online marketing and the results they are receiving from their investment, then others will follow.

    Thanks again!

    Ryan Taft

  5. Very nice post thanks Ryan and Ajeva is sure right about many small businesses being clueless. We are a small business development center in rural Northeast Arkansas working through our University and have a number of small restaurants and retailers who show up to Facebook because somebody told them to but have no idea what to do with it so they do what comes naturally…advertise! Then blame social media for not helping them bring in more customers… big gap with many of our rural small businesses. Will share this with them. Thanks again

  6. Herb – I really appreciate the insight! You’re spot on and what you describe happens up here in the Philadelphia area. I think you hit on a big issue, which is small business owners thinking that social media doesn’t work. What is really going on is what you describe, they are using the same strategies on new tools. That simply doesn’t work. Small business owners must truly understand what the right tools are for their business, how to use those tools effectively to ENGAGE their audience, and then how to ultimately convert their online community into customers. It might seem daunting, but you and I both know that it’s very doable. Small business owners listen up! ;) Shoot Herb or Catalyst an email if you need some help getting started. Believe me, you’ll be happy you did.


    Ryan Taft

  7. Ryan, what a great way to educate. How engaging your post on engagement was. I agree that it is so important to solicit feedback, or “likes” or posts, and not just use social media as a way to push out content. I’ve learned that it’s kind of like a classroom – when the teacher speaks, students listen – there IS no conversation. But, when the teacher asks a question, the hands go up. Asking for feedback is kind of like that – you are giving your audience permission and encouragement to communicate with you. Good stuff, Ryan! – Vickie

  8. Vickie – Thanks so much for taking time to leave a comment on the blog! I greatly appreciate the feedback. Thank you. You’re so right about encouraging people to communicate with you.

    Thanks again,


  9. A great post…i really loved to this…
    i have one question…what to do when there is no engagement on your profile or page…?? i have some engagement at the initial stage but didnt got too many user engagement. What yo do on this.

  10. Kamal – I’m glad to hear that you liked the post! You can tell if people are engaged if they are leaving comments on your blog or facebook page. If they are retweeting your content on Twitter. If they are interacting with you in anyway then they are engaged in what you’re doing. It’s when you hear crickets on your sites that you know people aren’t engaged.


    Ryan Taft

  11. Solid advice, Ryan.

    I was out looking at how local plumbers are using social media today, and some of them are so close to using it effectively. Their Facebook wall was not a bright spot for any of them though.

    “Too many times small business owners use their wall as a microphone for shouting their message instead of a funnel for collecting responses from their community.”

    That pretty much summed them all up. They could benefit from implementing some of the suggestions you make here.

  12. Brad – Thanks for taking time to leave a comment. I greatly appreciate it. I wholeheartedly agree with your findings. I’m glad that someone like yourself feels that business owners can benefit from our content. Thanks so much for that recommendation! I think we will start to see many small business owners start to turn the corner over the next year or so and truly start to understand that it’s all about using the tools to engage & build relationships. Sales come once you’ve done a good job in creating real relationships with your target audience.

    Thanks again,



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