How Facebook Tagging Can Help Your Small Business

Do you have a Facebook fan page for your small business? If not, as I said in a previous post, you definitely should consider creating one (if your target customers use Facebook). For those of you who do have a Facebook fan page for your small business, Facebook tagging is a great way to build relationships with other businesses and customers, as well as, getting your fan page in front of more potential fans.

Facebook launched their tagging effort a few months ago, after they realized just how powerful Twitter was becoming. The very nature of Twitter is to tag followers in your tweets through their Username if you want to communicate with them or recommend them to others. Facebook decided it would be a good idea to implement similar functionality. The benefits of Facebook Tagging to business owners isn’t really talked about much. That’s what this post is for. First we’ll learn how to tag others in your Wall Posts and then we’ll discuss why you should be doing it on your small business Facebook fan page.

When creating wall posts for your fan page you can tag your friends and pages that you are a fan of. The first step to this is to become a fan of other local or relevant businesses. If you’re a restaurant in Doylestown, PA, then perhaps you should be a fan of the local jewelry store and clothing store. This connects you with your peers, but it’s also the first step in getting in front of more local customers. Each of those businesses have fans of their business and through tagging, you can get your fan page in front of their fans.

One big requirement for your posts to appear on the walls of your friends and pages is the settings on those walls. As you know, you can either set your wall to allow only your (the owner’s) wall posts OR you can set it to allow your friends and fans to post to your wall as well. In order for your tags to appear on someone’s wall, the owner of that page must allow for OTHERS’ posts to appear. If you tag someone and your post doesn’t appear on their wall, more than likely their settings specify that only they are allowed to post wall comments to their wall.

The act of tagging is actually very simple. When you’re writing a wall post on your small business fan page simply type the “@” symbol in the text field and then begin to type your friend’s name (or the name of a page you’re a fan of). As you can see from the image above, Facebook pretty much takes care of the rest. Once your friend’s name appears in the drop-down, simply click it to make it fully appear in your post. Then finalize the content of your post and click submit.

You can tell that you’ve successfully tagged someone when their name shows up in blue on your wall post.

The next step is to navigate to their page to see if your post appeared on their wall. It’s easier than ever now to navigate to their page because all you have to do is click their name (in blue) on the wall post you just created and that will automatically link you to their page. That’s one of the reasons why other people like when you tag them in your wall posts. Not only will your post show up on their wall, but you’ve recommended them to your fans and your fans can easily find them by clicking on their name in your wall post. It’s always about mutual benefits – that’s a key to building great relationships. As you can see from the image below, my wall post has now shown up on The Rise To The Top fan page.

Some of the main benefits to utilizing Facebook’s tagging feature are:

  • You can build relationships with other business leaders by recommending them on your wall
  • Your fan page gets in front of new prospects/fans
  • You’re seen as active in the Facebook community
  • Your fans appreciate you opening them up to other great fan pages

If you have a Facebook fan page for your small business, start tagging.


  1. It’s interesting to see how Twitter and Facebook silently borrow features from each other :-) Thanks for pointing to this feature out, this passed under my radar. I will certainly use it for our ComboApp Fan Page promotion.

    Artyom Diogtiev – New Media Manager

  2. Artyom –

    No problem. Thanks for taking time to read and comment on the post. I really appreciate it. I’m glad that you found the information valuable. Let me know how it works for you.


    Ryan Taft

  3. Hi Ryan,

    A client posed a question to me this morning about Facebook and I can’t seem to find the answer, but your January blog post about Facebook tagging is the closest I’ve come to an answer, so I wonder if you’ve got any insight.

    A fan of the client’s page wrote a post this morning and tagged the business in it. The tag showed up as a clickable link on the person’s own wall, but the post did NOT show up on the business fan page’s wall.

    I did some playing around and saw that if I tagged a business fan page in a post from an individual profile, the tag did not appear on the business fan page’s wall. However, if I tagged a business from another business fan page, the tag showed up on both pages.

    Do you know how to tweak the settings so that posts from individuals who tag a business show up on the business fan page?

    I can’t seem to find any answers on Facebook’s help pages so I’m wondering if you’ve seen this same issue yourself.

  4. I created a Fan page. How can i promote this Fan page. Is there any article for it?


  1. - How Facebook Tagging Can Help Your Small Business... Tagging others on your small business Facebook fan page is a great way …

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