Run a Fantasy Football League to Engage Customers

Did you know that millions of people play Fantasy football these day? Pretty incredible, huh? Every football season fans get together with friends and play fantasy football. Sometimes people play in multiple leagues. As the winner of multiple fantasy football championships, I have to say that it really is amazing how much of a craze fantasy football really is. So I had an epiphany… why aren’t businesses capitalizing on the fantasy football craze by running their own fantasy football league for their business?

What Types of Businesses Should Run Fantasy Football Leagues?

Fantasy Football Marketing Small BusinessNow I’m not just talking about businesses like bars and restaurants running fantasy football leagues as a marketing tactic. I think any business who’s target audience is primarily males, ages 15 – 50, should consider running a fantasy football league with their customers. Think about it, you have unlimited communication opportunities with 12-14 customers for 17 weeks! Here’s a list of some of the businesses that I think would benefit from using fantasy football as a marketing tactic designed to engage their customers and build stronger relationships with them:

  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Sports apparel and sports collectibles stores
  • Athletic shoe stores
  • Gaming shops
  • Golf courses
  • Local news outlets
  • Coffee Shops
  • Bakeries

Benefits to Running a Fantasy Football League for Your Small Business

Running a fantasy football league with customers of your small business can be an extremely effective marketing tactic for building strong relationships with customers, creating customer advocates, and even market research. Throughout the fantasy football season you can post business-related messages within the league forum, have conversations with each customer who’s playing in the league, and have a chance to turn customers into advocates for your small business.

The benefits of running a fantasy football league your small business are as follows:

  • Build strong relationships with customers
  • Fun branding/awareness promotion
  • Drive traffic (players) to your blog/website
  • Educate players/customers on your products and services during the season
  • Offer sales promotions in order to increase sales

The benefits to your customers for participating in your business’s fantasy football league are:

  • Fun way to interact with a business/play fantasy football
  • Ability to win a prize for winning the league (businesses should definitely offer prizes to 1st – 3rd place finishers as a way to entice customers to participate in your fantasy football league)
  • Learn more about products and services that you are already interested in
  • Receive discounts from the business during the league year

As you can see, running a fantasy football league to help promote your small business has a lot of advantages. If you’re interested in setting up a fantasy football league for your small business, but need some help doing so, leave a comment below. If enough businesses want more information, we’ll write another article designed to help you setup a fantasy football league for your small business.


  1. Interesting concept. I am not convinced that a tactic of this nature would yield enough juice for the squeeze. I think the energy expended could be used in other ways to get close to your valued customers.

  2. Thanks for the reply Jim. I appreciate your feedback. I agree that it might be tough to get a ton out of this tactic in terms of reach a large quantity of customers. With that said, I think it has the potential to make a quality impact on a few customers. It’s really about building relationships when it comes to increasing sales. A fantasy football tactic allows you to build those relationships. It might not allow you to build a large quantity of relationships, but as for building quality relationships, it can work.


    Ryan Taft

  3. Nice post, Ryan. I like the concept, but it does have some size limitations. Maybe you take it to the next level with a more “football-pool-like” concept. Or any sport. And have some small products or services as weekly or season-end prizes.

  4. Thanks Mark. Great idea. I agree that it’s relevant for any sport and a pool would be beneficial as well. With that said, we very much believe in QUALITY over QUANTITY and even though a Fantasy (any sport) League would only include 10-13 customers, you would have direct access to those folks over 17 weeks. That’s pretty powerful stuff.

    Thanks again,

    Ryan Taft

  5. Ryan, I have thought about doing this for years and think its a great way to generate business. The local paper runs one on their website. There was also a resturant nearby that also did it. I have looked around periodically over the years as to how to do this but I don’t know of any companies that have a turn key product to put on my website? I’d like to run it the way these sites around here do. They aren’t full on fantasy. It’s more of win loss thing with points. You can see rankings of where you stand based on picks and then there is generally a weekly winner as well as a grand prize. Do you know how I can get this set-up for the 2012 football season? Companies that offer it? Any info would be great! Thanks

  6. J – Thanks so much for taking time to leave a comment and share your experience with our readers. I agree, it could be a great tactic to run. That said, I don’t know of any companies that have a turn-key solution for this. The way I was proposing it is much more manual than what you’re envisioning. That said, there has to be an organization out there with some sort of software. If not, that’s a good opportunity for a new business ;) Let me know if you find anything. I’d love to write about it. If you want help with it and are looking to bring on a marketing partner like Catalyst, let me know. We can talk further.



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