Retail Clothing Boutiques Host Their Own Local Fashion Shows: Event Hosting

So, the big day is finally upon you. It’s time to actually pull off this fashion show that you’ve been planning for your small retail clothing store for months now. Remember, if you’ve spent ample time planning your fashion show and you’ve hired a great team to support you, then the event itself will be the easy part. Let’s review some of the things that you have done up to this point that will impact how your event will go.

In the Fashion Show Event Planning post, within this Blog Series, we set a goal of selling $2,000 worth of clothes during the fashion show. This means that during the Planning phase, you have put together a plan on how you’re going to sell the clothes that are being modeled during your show. There are several ways to sell clothes before and after the show:

  • You can have a private store opening for all Fashion Show ticket holders. You can serve hors d’oeuvres in your clothing store while ticket holders shop with other Fashion Show attendees.
  • After the show, you can sell limited items from the show to attendees. You can promote it as an exclusive purchase that other customers won’t be able to make for at least a month. You could even model promo products, that aren’t even going to be for sale, a limited edition of sorts, and make them available only to Fashion Show Attendees. You could even give select clothing pieces away days or weeks later as part of a post-event promotion.

Have a Fashion Show at my clothing storeDuring your Pre-Event Promotion for you local Fashion Show, you were connecting on Twitter with Local Media, as well as, sending local residents free clothes and tickets to the event. Between your promotion and the tickets that you’ve given away to loyal customers, friends, family, and local residents, your Fashion Show should be heavily attended.

One thing you should do in the days leading up to the event is reach out to all of the ticket winners, whether it was local media through your Twitter contest OR local recipients who received your free clothes. Give media members the plan for the evening and ask what they are hoping to get out of the experience. Without asking, try to find out how they plan on covering the event. Hopefully you can get them to write some great reviews about the Fashion Show and your business.

When reaching out to local residents who received the new clothes that you sent out as part of your pre-event promotion, ask them to wear those clothes to the show. They would feel like insiders in a room full of insiders at the Fashion Show by wearing clothes that are actually debuting during the event. Others would see how normal folks look in the clothes and hopefully that leads to sales.

Setup Your Store for the Fashion Show

Have a Fashion Show at my clothing storeKnowing that you’re all setup to accomplish your goals of having a full crowd of loyal customers, local residents, and local media attend the Fashion Show, as well as, a plan in place for selling $2,000 worth of clothes to those folks during the Fashion Show, you can now move your efforts to setting up your store for the Fashion Show. A few things to consider when staging your clothing store for a Fashion Show:

  • You must allow room for Fashion Show attendees to browse your clothing selection during the Pre-Show Private Sale we discussed earlier
  • Put people in charge of shooting video of the show, as well as, taking digital pictures of the models, the clothes, and the attendees. These will be used in Post-Show Promotion on your blog and other social sites.
  • Be sure the food and drinks are good to go
  • Prepare someone to live Tweet the event on your Twitter account. This way your Twitter followers can feel like they are part of the Fashion Show
  • Run through the Auction of the new clothing line that will take place post-event, as part of your goal to sell $2,000 worth of clothes during the Fashion Show.
  • Rehearse the show a few times as if it were the live event. This will allow you to check out the best camera angles, position people where you want them to be during certain times of Fashion Show, and simply work out all of the bugs before going live

After everything has been setup at your clothing store, people have been invited, and rehearsals have taken place, you are ready to host your own local Fashion Show! Take a deep breath and go start greeting your guests.

The next installment of the Hosting Your Own Local Fashion Show blog series focuses on Fashion Show Post-Event Promotion. Remember to check back to our blog every few days to get access to the new post once it’s up OR simply subscribe to Catalyst Marketers blog to receive email updates when new posts are published.


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