4 Types of Online Content to Use for Marketing Your Business

Content Marketing can be extremely beneficial for your business. Content Marketing is the process of creating online content as a way to educate your customers and prospects, increase your website traffic, and engage your online community. With that said, when most business owners think “online content” they only think about blog articles and e-mail newsletters. Blog marketing and e-mail marketing are two very effective marketing tactics, but they are only 1 of 4 different types of online content.

Written (typed) Online Content

Content Marketing ideasThe most popular type of online content, which we alluded to above, is written online content. Some examples of written content are blog articles, e-mail newsletters, white papers, and social media updates. The biggest advantage to creating written content is SEO. By creating blog articles you can insert keywords that are relevant to your business. Those articles then become indexed on search engines like Google and Bing. When your target audience is using those keywords to search for information your site will pop up. Here at Catalyst we highly recommend that all small businesses use blogging and other written online content to promote your business.

Video-based Online Content

Video content is another widely used tactic under a Content Marketing strategy. With sites like YouTube and technologies like iPad making it easier (and cheaper) than ever before to produce online videos for your business, small business owners can now compete with the big guys in terms of creating video-based content for your business. Small businesses should can use video marketing to create commercials for your small business, create instructional videos for products and services, produce animated videos with xtranormal.com, etc.

Audio-based Online Content

A third type of online content is audio-based content. Many business owners don’t think about audio-based content when they are creating their online marketing plan. Audio-based online content can come together as:

  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Music or company jingles
  • Online presentations (think PowerPoint with audio)
  • Host a BlogTalkRadio.com Show

Audio-based content is usually a little easier to produce than online video, but still packs a large punch when it comes to achieving your online marketing goals.

Image-based Online Content

Online content that almost every business owner uses, but not usually as part of a defined marketing tactic, is image-based online content. Images are a great way to give customers and prospects a glimpse inside your business. Small Business owners should use imagery on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc. to tell a story about their products, services, industry, or even customers.

People love looking at pictures and business owners should capitalize on that by using imagery to share information with their online community. Simply keep a camera out at your business and instruct your employees to take pictures whenever they see a good opportunity. Be sure if you’re taking pictures of customers that you get their permission to use them.

Content Marketing for Your Small Business

As 2012 approaches many of you will begin to craft a new marketing plan for your business. Be sure to include marketing tactics that leverage ALL FOUR types of online content, as each offers distinct benefits to your small business.

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