Foursquare Helps a Local Coffee Shop Obtain, Engage, & Retain Customers

Coffee Klatch, a small coffee chain on a never ending quest around the world in search of the finest coffee, has used foursquare to create unique experiences for their customers. Coffee Klatch didn’t have success because they claimed their venue on foursquare or because they ran a foursquare Special, though they did do these things, what allowed Coffee Klatch to obtain, engage, and retain customers was their dedication to learning about the foursquare culture and infusing it into the Coffee Klatch culture. Coffee Klatch made sure employees were aware of their new marketing tool and even encouraged them to incorporate foursquare into their daily routines.

Obtain Engage Retain Customers“Mexican Mocha for the Mayor”, said a Coffee Klatch employee one day to my friend Matthew. Matthew Gallizzi is the founder of NotixTech, a mobile website developer, and was the foursquare Mayor of Coffee Klatch at the time (and still is). He went to Coffee Klatch for his daily Mocha and was actually recognized and greeted as the Mayor. Upon ordering his coffee, those beautiful words came from behind the register. Those 5 simple words should tell you all that you need to know about the commitment Coffee Klatch made to using foursquare.

How did it happen for Coffee Klatch? Although we don’t know if this is true, it’s probably safe to say that they started by learning about foursquare, once they knew what it was and what it could do, they created a Plan for how they were going to use foursquare to promote their business, then they went to work executing their Plan, part of which was making sure that all staff was trained on how to handle the everyday management of customers using foursquare at Coffee Klatch, and finally they stayed committed, got creative, and made sure to recognize their foursquare-using customers. By taking the time to truly understand how to use foursquare for their business, Coffee Klatch was able to engage Matthew to the point that he is posting about Coffee Klatch on Facebook, he’s created a YouTube video sharing his experience with Coffee Klatch & foursquare, and he’s telling everyone who will listen how great of a coffee shop Coffee Klatch is… Pretty nice payoff for a little extra work.

Through their use of foursquare Coffee Klatch was able to create a unique experience for Matthew, an experience that he thought was worth sharing. Please take a few minutes to watch the video below to hear his foursquare Coffee Klatch story. Who knows, it might inspire you to get creative and start using foursquare to Obtain, Engage, & Retain customers for your small business.


  1. This is a great example of what I’ve been saying: you can’t just be on sites like Foursquare or Groupon. You’ve got to further engage. Kudos to the staff for understanding the dynamics of Foursquare and recognizing the mayor.

  2. Susan – Thanks so much for taking time to leave a comment. Much appreciated! I 100% agree. Success with social media/interactive technologies is all about how you use the tools to engage your target audience.



  3. Two thoughts Ryan: 1.) Independent coffee owners are a natural for Foursqaure. 2.) You are a great advocate when it comes to Foursquare. You sold me on it a long time ago, but I really value how you keep bringing success stories to the table. People love stories.

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