When Will Foursquare Add Custom URLs?

Custom URLs for Facebook and Twitter are great for SEO and for easily promoting your social media links to customers & prospects. When promoting your social media links on print ads or on your business card you want something short and memorable. A lot of small business owners like to create custom URLs that include their company name at the end of the URL string. This helps people remember the link if they don’t have it in front of them when online. For example, our Facebook URL is Facebook.com/CatalystMarketers. It’s pretty easy to remember a URL that has our company name in it. So with all of the benefits to offering users the ability to create a custom URL, why hasn’t foursquare offered custom URLs for foursquare venue pages?

Custom Foursquare URLSome people might question the need for a custom foursquare URL since check-ins take place via your mobile phone, but both businesses and foursquare users can get a lot of value out of the web-based foursquare venue page. Foursquare users can stop by a foursquare venue page to get contact information for your business, to see who the Mayor is, check out your latest foursquare special, and to read tips from other foursquare users about your business. Having an easy to remember URL will allow foursquare users to navigate to foursquare venue pages more efficiently.

Business owners would definitely benefit from having a custom foursquare URL that could be promoted to customers & prospects. A custom foursquare URL would allow small business owners to easily promote their foursquare venue page. The resulting traffic would likely leave tips about your business and get access to your foursquare special. The result could be that from landing on your foursquare venue page foursquare users see a tip that someone left about your latest foursquare special, sees that the special is still valid, and heads over to your store to redeem the special for herself. By having that custom foursquare URL you were able to effectively drive traffic to your foursquare venue page, educate those folks about your business through foursquare tips and your foursquare special, and ultimately drive a percentage of them to take action by coming to your store to buy something. Pretty powerful stuff. Now if we could just get that custom foursquare URL… ;)

Our readers are well aware of our love for foursquare, I mean, we even wrote a free foursquare eBook for business owners who are looking to use foursquare to grow sales. With that said, we think foursquare is missing an opportunity to add value for their venue owners and foursquare users by allowing business owners to create a custom foursquare URL for their foursquare venue page.


  1. Maybe a better question would be….when will Foursquare offer free business pages – similar to Facebook Fan Pages.

  2. Andy – Thanks for taking time to leave a comment! I appreciate it. You can claim a venue page, but I’m assuming you’re looking to do more with the foursquare venue page when you say “similar to Facebook Fan pages”. I agree w/ you. I do think that foursquare does a GREAT job with foursquare stats and you can leave your own Tips on your venue page, which is kind of cool (and not many business owners are taking advantage of it).

    Thanks again,


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