Foursquare Stats: Identify & Connect with Your Top Visitors

Do you know which customers & prospects are taking time to check-in at your venue on foursquare on a regular basis? Understanding who’s coming into your store is a huge advantage to creative business owners. I’m hoping that most business owners have heard, it’s more profitable to keep existing customers, than it is to find new customers. Tools like foursquare are turning this entrenched marketing philosophy on its ear. By using tools like foursquare, business owners are able to identify both customers and prospects for free. Those who act on that information will prosper in the future.

For those business owners who have claimed their venue on foursquare, you know that you now have access to a wealth of data. Through foursquare Stats, business owners can determine who’s checking-in at your venue, the check-in ratio of males/females, when visitors check-in at your venue on foursquare, and much more.

Foursquare stats for businessThrough the Top Visitors report, foursquare provides business owners information on who’s checking-in the most at their venue. Business owners can even see the username of each individual, as well as, their Twitter ID if that’s been added to the user’s account. Having access to this information in a consolidated format allows business owners to use the data in their marketing activities.

Foursquare Stats, and specifically the Top Visitors report, allows business owners to segment out their top visitors, and begin building a relationship with them. There are many ways to leverage this data in your marketing tactics. Here are a few ideas:

  • Use a Top Visitor’s image & begin a conversation with him/her the next time they enter the store
  • Start following your Top Visitors on Twitter, and start communicating with them through Twitter
  • Host a special Sale available to ONLY the Top 10 Visitors – You can have this after hours and make these folks feel like true insiders
  • Run a foursquare mayor special, as the foursquare Mayor of your venue is the Top Visitor of your business on foursquare
  • Name something after a Top Visitor – If you’re a bakery, name a Top Visitor’s favorite baked good after him/her
Foursquare stats

Having access to the rich data that foursquare provides is only half of the equation. Of course, there would be no second half of the equation without the first part. The second half of the equation is creativity. It’s about understanding what the data is telling you, and capitalizing on that information in a creative way. Hopefully your foursquare tactics provide value to both the audience, and your business.

When’s the last time you stopped to check out who your top visitors on foursquare are?

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