Run a Foursquare Swarm Badge Promotion

So by now, I’m hoping that most of you have heard about using Foursquare for business. We have discussed the potential of Foursquare here a few times in the past few months, and we are also getting ready to release a FREE Fousquare for Business eBook. If you’d like to find out more about the Foursquare for Business ebook, simply contact us for more information. For today’s post, we are going to discuss the highly coveted Foursquare Swarm badge, and how you can leverage this coveted badge to drive sales for your small business.

UPDATE: Download our new FREE eBook: How to Use Foursquare to Grow Your Business

Foursquare for businessThe Swarm Badge on Foursquare is unlocked when a Foursquare flash mob is created at any location. A Foursquare flash mob consists of at least 50 people being in the same place at the same time. Now, of course, you can influence this so that a Foursquare flash mob occurs at your small business, just like this restaurant owner did.

What’s great about a promotion like this is that you can use it to generate a TON of buzz before the promotion, during the promotion, and after the promotion. When you decide to run an event like this, it’s always recommended that you use the online social tools that you have a presence on, like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, your blog, etc. to promote the event. Before running a Foursquare Swarm Badge Promotion, be sure that you take time to understand if your customer-base has started using Foursquare yet. Be sure your business profile on Foursquare is correct, and then start promoting check-ins at your place of business. Keep an eye on your stats and once you determine that there are a decent number of your customers on Foursquare, then you know that it’s time to run Foursquare Swarm Badge Promotion.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Be sure your business is listed correctly on Foursquare – If not, tweak it or add it
  • Research your customer-base to ensure they are Foursquare users
  • Create a blog post or even better, a video explaining the promotion – Are you planning on having a special event to celebrate the Foursquare flash mob? If so, tell your customers what they can expect.
  • Use your social tools and in-store fliers to promote your event in order to build buzz
  • Be sure to video record the event so that you can use it in post-event promotions
  • Figure out a way to drive sales during the event
  • Live tweet the event or figure out a way to allow your customers (the flash mob) promote your event for you – they’ll be doing some of this when they Check-In at your location on Foursquare
  • Use the materials you created during the event (ie. your video) to promote the event after it’s passed

By finding creative ways to use the increasingly popular location-based social network, Foursquare, for your small business, you give yourself the ability to generate more sales than you would without leveraging Foursquare and other online social tools. You are also connecting with your community and weeding out your most loyal customers. Those folks who join in on your Foursquare Flash Mob to unlock the Swarm Badge are probably high-value customers, and this is your opportunity to let them know they are appreciated. You can use this Foursquare Swarm Badge Promotion as an opportunity to begin building a long-lasting relationship with those folks. The best part about the entire promotion, costs are close to zero. Since you’re not spending much on the execution of the promotion, let us know if you’d like any help in planning it. Either way, you should definitely consider running a Foursquare Swarm Badge Promotion for your small business.


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