Use Google Analytics as a Measurement Tool for Your Small Business

Google Analytics is an amazing online tool for small business owners. Best of all, it’s FREE. You simply add your small business website to the system and you can begin tracking things like: site traffic, entrance sources (how readers get to your site), exit pages (what pages readers are leaving your site from), keyword relevance, demographic information on your visitors, and much, much more. If you’re not setup on Google Analytics, definitely take some time this week to get setup your small business website.

With the above being said, to fully leverage the power of Google Analytics, you must first establish your goals for your online efforts, and then build a strategy around those goals. If you don’t setup your goals up front, then when you use Google Analytics as your measurement tool, you won’t know what to look for. Keep reading to find out how Catalyst Marketers uses Google Analytics and how we recommend our customers use it.

Catalyst Marketers e-Marketing Strategy is to practice what we preach. We use a combination of content marketing and online social tools to reach more small business owners, educate them through content marketing on the power of using online social tools to promote their business, and ultimately drive new customers for Catalyst Marketers. Here’s how we do it.

  1. Constantly publish new educational content, relevant to small business owners, to the Catalyst Marketers blog
  2. Use social tools like Twitter, LinkedIn, BizSugar, & the Catalyst Marketers Facebook fan page to promote our content AND the content from other experts – this builds relationships with those experts and shows your followers that you’re not there to just promote your “stuff”
  3. We then try to convert our followers to customers of Catalyst Marketers, by establishing ourselves as thought leaders in our industry and proving to our followers that we understand how to drive growth for them through content marketing and social tools

How do we know if our strategies are working and our goals are being achieved? Well, we turn to Google Analytics (among some other things). Our goal is to use social tools to drive traffic to our content (blog posts). So on a regular basis (you can determine how often you need to check your reports – at least every month), we log into Google Analytics and check out our traffic sources. We ask, are the social tools, which we are using to promote our posts, driving the most traffic to our site? Google Analytics lists the top traffic sources. If the tools we’re using, Twitter, Facebook, etc. are among the top 5-10 traffic sources for our small business website, then we know we are on our way to achieving our goal.

Google Analytics offers so much more than just traffic sources. If another goal is to drive traffic from our blog posts to other pages on our site, like the Catalyst Marketers Solutions page or the Contact Us page, Google Analytics shows us that as well. We can look at each individual page and determine how traffic is getting to that page. We can also tell what page they go to next from the current page. Basically, we can see if the majority of traffic to our Solutions page is coming from our blog posts. If it is, we know that our content marketing is working because we are effectively producing relevant and valuable content, which in turn, is leading readers to want to find out more about what we have to offer.

Turn Content Marketing into Sales

The next step in the process is to effectively drive sales from all of your efforts. The ultimate goal of all businesses is to increase sales. Once we know how we are driving traffic to our site and what pages our readers are going to once they get there, the next step is to entice them to take action: Call us or Email us to find out more about our solutions. If that’s the goal, then you need to make it easy for readers to find your contact information, as well as, state a compelling reason why they should reach out to you. It’s one thing to produce awesome content, but if your readers don’t know what you offer, then you’ll never get any sales. This is why our goal is to drive readers to our Solutions page and then to our Contact Us page. We can track this activity through Google Analytics and then we can tie in any new leads by asking those individuals how they found us.

It’s imperative that you establish goals for your online marketing efforts and then use tools like Google Analytics to see how you’re tracking against those goals. If you don’t, then all the time you spend online, can never really be calculated with return-on-investment. If you have any questions about how you can setup an e-marketing plan, like the one we use, then send us an email OR check out our solutions page. We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have.


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