HGTV Uses TV to Promote Social Media

At this point, I think most of our regular readers know my feelings about traditional advertising: TV, Radio, Print Ads – They are just too expensive and you don’t see much return-on-investment. Consumers simply tune them out. With that said, if traditional advertising is part of your marketing mix (in some cases it is still relevant, but those cases are dwindling), I’m a big advocate of promoting your online efforts through your traditional ads. I was watching some HGTV (my girlfriend and I are big fans) this weekend when I noticed the stellar job they do of incorporating their social media into their own TV spots.

On at least two instances, an entire 15 second TV spot for HGTV centered around their social media. Many of the HGTV personalities have their own Twitter and Facebook profiles. HGTV came up with brilliant campaign to incorporate the activity on their hosts’ profiles into their TV ads. Basically the ads go something like this, “Brittany from Georgia wrote the following comment on Sabrina Soto’s Facebook wall, Sabrina, your design-sense is one of a kind and I’ve incorporated many of your ideas into my own home. Thank you!” The TV ad then ends with the following, “Sabrina Sota responded by thanking Brittany and asking her to submit some pictures of her newly updated home. Remember that you can follow HGTV and our hosts on Facebook and Twitter.” I may not have the exact language correct, but you get the gist.

HGTV is not only promoting their social media, but they are promoting their fans as well. It’s adds to the connection. Can you imagine how you’d feel if HGTV mentioned your Facebook comment on their TV commercial? I’ll bet you’d tell a bunch of your friends, both online and offline. In turn, that may increase fans and followers of HGTV social media sites, as well as, possibly increase viewers of their TV programs.

This is just another example of how traditional advertising can compliment your social media marketing. Again, if you have limited spend, you may want to dismiss traditional ads altogether, but if you’re someone who is running some radio spots or print ads, you should definitely find ways to drive listeners/readers to your social media sites.


  1. So, this exact thing happened last night.. I was falling to sleep watching HGTV when a commercial came on and it was a HGTV commercial quoting a facebook post and then put the name on the television, it was my sister! and now she says she has never posted on facebook for HGTV before, weird.

  2. Beth – That’s exciting and weird all at the same time! Hopefully HGTV is using Facebook the right way and not just claiming things that are not true! Assuming it was just a mistake, can you imagine how much word of mouth buzz they generate each time a new one of those commercials airs?? All of the friends, family, co-workers, etc. of the person being featured on the commercial talks about it the next day (and continues to tell the story whenever it’s relevant! Pretty powerful stuff.

    Thanks for sharing your story with us!!


    Ryan Taft


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