Hiring an Online Marketing Agency Instead of Internal Marketing Employees

Have you considered hiring an online marketing agency to help you construct the appropriate marketing strategy, and to help you execute on that strategy? More and more business owners are considering outsourcing their marketing activities to Online Marketing Agencies like Catalyst Marketers. As long as you choose a great agency to work with, the benefits of hiring an outside agency to handle your online marketing efforts far outweigh hiring a team of marketing employees.

Whether you’re a medium to large-sized business, or you’re a small business, outsourcing your online marketing activities can help reduce expenses, and increase your revenue. As we dive into the benefits to outsourcing your online marketing activities, we are following the assumption that you have already decided to use online marketing as a way of reaching more people, building relationships, and driving sales.

Outsource Online MarketingA big key to all of this is finding the right Online Marketing Agency. Many traditional agencies out there now include social media marketing or blogging in their portfolio of services. Not only that, but it seems like 35% of the unemployed are now Internet Marketing Consultants –> Buyer Beware. I’m not saying folks shouldn’t try to start their own businesses if they’ve been laid off, what I am saying is that you need to meet with a number of agencies & professionals before making any decisions. Many of these folks don’t know how to truly use online tools to help grow relationships and drive sales. Others know how to do it, but they are stuck in the old world rules of having a brick-and-mortar agency with numerous employees. This means their costs are going to be astronomically higher than an agency like ours, which is a virtual marketing agency. Hiring an Online Marketing Agency is a process, one that nobody should take lightly. Do your homework and then go with your gut. If you make a mistake, then simply move on & try again. The benefits to finding and hiring the right Online Marketing Agency far outweigh any perceived risks in doing so.

Here are a few of the benefits that we believe make outsourcing your Online Marketing activities the better option when comparing it to hiring a team a internal Marketing employees:

  • COSTS: Costs are the biggest advantage to outsourcing your Online Marketing activities. The cost of a salary PLUS benefits to bring a knowledgeable, and experienced person on full-time are in the $100k range. With that, you’ll probably need at least another individual, probably at the Marketing Coordinator level to assist the department head. For less than $35,000/year you can outsource all of your online marketing needs to an agency.
  • DEPTH OF KNOWLEDGE: Even when you bring on a talented individual to head up your Marketing department, the likelihood that she will have the skills to plan & execute on ALL of your tactics herself is very slim. In most cases, you’ll end up outsourcing a lot of work regardless…which leads us to our next point…
  • ONE VENDOR: By outsourcing your Online Marketing needs, you can minimize paperwork and everything else that comes with contracting with multiple vendors + multiple employees. By selecting an Online Marketing Agency that can deliver on all of your web-based or mobile-based marketing needs, you are creating one point of contact. Pick the right agency, and then run everything through them.

The list of benefits to hiring an Online Marketing Agency instead of internal marketing employees does continue, but I think the 3 above are most critical. Some folks will tell you that you cannot find an agency that can understand your business as well as an employee would. We definitely disagree on that response. Again, it’s all about finding the right partner. Here at Catalyst, the very first thing we do when we partner with a new client is dive into all relevant aspects of their business. We also continue to learn every day that we work with our clients. Ultimately, we are able to integrate so heavily that many non-marketing employees know us by our first names. There are some agencies out there who are unable to integrate as well with their clients, but if you understand the importance of that ability, then you’ll be sure to select the right online marketing agency for your business.

What are your thoughts on outsourcing your marketing activities? Are you currently doing it? If so, how’s it working? Have you outsourced your online marketing in the past? How did it work out? We hope you’ll share your stories with our readers via the comments section below OR on our Facebook page – a place for small business owners to connect, share information & ideas, and learn about Online Marketing.


  1. We are in to publishing and we heavily depend on social media marketing. We were outsourcing our marketing jobs to freelancers but later we found the quality of posts are coming down. So, we decided to recruit a staff just to manage social networking accounts, later started using tools like tweetdeck, cotweet, tweettwain etc. and we are doing good with this.

  2. John -

    Thanks for taking time to leave a comment on the blog. We really appreciate it! I’m glad to hear things are going well for you now! It sounds like you didn’t have the right team of professionals to outsource to. It’s tough working with freelancers. I just want to clarify (for all) that we are talking about using an Agency to outsource work to, not freelancers. I know you were just telling us your story, which we appreciate, but I do want to clarify.

    Thanks again!!


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