Retail Clothing Boutiques Host Their Own Local Fashion Shows: Event Planning

Welcome to the Event Planning portion of our blog series on Hosting Your Own Local Fashion Show. In our first post, we gave an overview and provided the benefits of hosting your own fashion show for your retail clothing store. If you’re interested in hosting a local fashion show for your small retail clothing boutique, definitely check out this blog series.

No matter what you’re doing when it comes to marketing, planning, IMO, is the MOST critical piece. As always, it’s recommended that you spend two-thirds of your time & energy planning the event, with one-third being left for everything else. Having a solid plan will allow you the greatest opportunity to be successful in each step that follows. During the planning process, determine how you want to handle each step of the Fashion Show process:

  • Pre-Event Promotion
  • Event Execution
  • Post-Event Promotion
  • Determining Return-On-Investment

Start out by determining what your goals for the Fashion Show are. Perhaps you want to build awareness & publicity for your retail clothing boutique and/or sell $2,000 worth of clothes during the fashion show. Setting your goals during the Planning process will help you calculate the Return-On-Investment from the Fashion Show. Once you have your goals in place, now determine how you will go about achieving them.

Figure out how you will build buzz within your local community. You can build publicity and awareness by promoting the event through online social tools, as well as, through in-store ads/fliers. You can host a live event and invite select customers, friends, family, media, and other local business owners. Video recording the event will be imperative, so that you can distribute it online – perhaps through YouTube or Viddler, in order to capture a larger audience. You can use the same online social tools to promote the fashion show post-event, that used to promote it pre-event.

Finally, pull in a great team to help you pull this off and determine how you’ll handle any of those scary situations that you’ve undoubtedly conjured up in your mind since you decided to go for it. Everyone has a few fears when doing something out of their comfort zone. In order to ease those fears a bit, determine what scares you the most, and figure out a plan for how you’ll handle the situation if it comes up. 90% of the time, those fears never come to fruition, BUT in the rare case that something does occur, you’ll have a plan on how to handle it.

Having a solid plan is the foundation for a successful event. Now that you have a solid plan in place for your local fashion show, you can move on to the next step in the process.

Stay tuned for the next part of the Host Your Own Local Fashion Show Series. We will discuss Pre-Event Promotion for Fashion Shows. With free online social tools at your disposal, marketing an event like this around your local community will be a breeze.


  1. Hello,
    This article has been a great help for me. I am working to start my own fashion show in may of 2011. The process doesn’t seem too hard because I have many goals that I truly want to reach before may. The only problem is I do not have my own business so I cannot show off my own clothing I am doing this to help my mom raise money for her youth group program that we would love to have accomplished before the end of 2011. This is my dream to have this done yet, I really don’t know where to start at this point.

  2. Jorde -

    That’s awesome! What a great cause. Thanks for taking time to leave a comment and I’m glad to article has been helpful. Have you read the rest of the articles in the series? They should be linked below this article under “Related Posts”. Perhaps you can partner with local retail boutiques to get clothes for the fashion show. I’d have to imagine that local retailers would love the publicity. If needed, you can contract with us to help you run your promotion, though it sounds like it’s something you want to do yourself. I’d check out the other articles on our blog, come up with a plan (utilizing your goals that you’ve already established), and then start executing on your plan. Does that make sense?



  3. I’m a year late but I am so glad I came across this site. I’m trying to do a fashion show for my home grown boutique but my funds are extremly limited. So I’m trying to revaluate the whole fashion show theme and do a small “style show” with a few people.

  4. Lateefah -

    Thanks so much for the feedback. So glad you found the article helpful. Just remember to start with your goals. What are you trying to achieve. Then work from there when it comes to how you will achieve those goals. Get creative. Big isn’t always better. It’s about how your customers feel when they are at the show and/or watching highlights from it online. Be sure to engage your audience before, during, and after the show in order to get them to complete your call-to-action (whatever that may be). Good luck! Let us know how it turns out.


    Ryan Taft


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