Stop Monopolizing My Facebook News Feed!

Ok. Take a deep breath. Relax. Don’t get too frustrated… Ahhhh! It’s kind of hard not to get frustrated when a business starts monopolizing my Facebook News Feed. What do I mean? You probably know… You know those businesses who post one status update after another on Facebook? Yeah, I told you you knew what I was talking about. How frustrating is it when you look at your Facebook News Feed only to see the same company posting 10 updates right in a row?! Do you want to know the quickest way to have your Facebook updates hidden, or even worse, be ‘Unliked’ by your Facebook followers? Post Facebook Status Updates consecutively…

How often should I post on FacebookWhen it comes to marketing your small business on Facebook, there are rules of engagement. One of the most important rules to follow is “Keep your Facebook updates to 2-3 DAILY”. The businesses who post constantly are very likely to piss off their followers. There is nothing more annoying than seeing continuous promotional messages on your news feed. Businesses who take part in this monopolization of Facebook News Feeds are not going to be successful on Facebook.

The key to Facebook is getting your message in front of your followers, hoping that they will engage with you by ‘Liking’ your update or leaving a comment. Getting your followers to engage with your Facebook page puts your page in front of their followers, thus giving you the opportunity to obtain new Facebook ‘Likes’. If you want people to engage with you and keep your status updates in their news feed, you can’t piss them off.

When it comes to posting content on Facebook for your business, here are a few tips that can help:

  • Post informative/educational information about your business, industry, products, services, events, etc. Keep the promotional posts to a minimum.
  • Post information/engage with your followers on a daily basis. People like consistency.
  • Spread your Facebook posts out throughout the day – different people are on at different times and you want your messages to reach as many followers as possible (hint: Sunday nights are a great time to post updates on Facebook)
  • Ask questions – Try to solicit feedback from your Facebook community. The key to all of this is engagement. Be thought-provoking with your Facebook posts.
  • Switch up the type of content you post – post images, links to your content, links to others’ content, poll questions, status messages, etc.

If you follow these few tips and be sure not to annoy your Facebook community by posting multiple messages one after the next, you will have success with Facebook Marketing for your small business.

As you can tell, Facebook News Feed monopolization is one of our pet peeves here at Catalyst. What are some of your Facebook pet peeves? Leave a comment below.


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