Games that Small Business Can Use to Engage Customers In Store

Small businesses are always looking for new in store marketing ideas to help engage their customers. Using games to engage customers while in store is one marketing tactic that can be extremely successful when executed properly. If you’re thinking about using games in store to engage customers there are a few things you need to keep in mind when choosing a game. In this article we will review how to choose a game to use in your store, and then we will list a few games that would be great for engaging your customers in store.

Choosing a Game to Use In Store at Your Small Business

Choosing a fun game for your customers to play while they are in your store can actually be a little trickier than you think. There are a few things that you have to keep in mind when selecting a game to use in your store:

  • Must be easy to understand. You don’t want to confuse your customers.
  • Time is off the essence. Customers don’t want to spend more than 2-3 minutes playing the game.
  • The prize must compensate for the level of difficulty
  • Cannot be multiplayer. The game should be able to be played with one customer and one store associate.
  • Must be FUN FUN FUN!

If you follow these guidelines when selecting a game to use in store then you are giving yourself a better chance for success.

In Store Marketing IdeasPlay Plinko In Your Store

PLINKO PLINKO PLINKO! Who doesn’t love The Price is Right?? Plinko is a fan favorite game on The Price is Right and can become a customer favorite in your store. Did you know you can buy a plinko board to use in your store? Simply search “plinko board” and you’ll see all of the different websites that sell Plinko boards.

If you use Plinko to engage customers in store, you can give one chip to customers who complete your call-to-action, as we discussed in our article “Engage Customers In Store with Games“. The customer can then drop their chip down the board and wherever it lands, he/she will win the prize associated with that column. Plinko is fun, easy to understand, quick to play, and can be played by one customer at a time.

Card Games Are Great In Store Marketing Games

Card games can be a lot of fun for customers. Card games are easy to learn, many customers will probably already know how to play. Card games can be played by one customer and one sales associate. Most card games are very quick to play. Not only that, but the cost of using card games to engage your customers is very low, as a deck of cards is only a few dollars.

WAR is a great card game to play in store. Simply deal one card to your customer and one card to your sales associate. Whoever has the highest card wins. If both the customer and your employee have the same card, they go to WAR. Again, the winner has the higher card at the end of the match. Games like WAR or High Low are great card games to play with customers in store.

Play Trivia In Store to Engage Your Customers

Trivia is another great game to play with customers in your store. You can come up with a list of trivia questions that pertain to things like:

  • Your business or industry
  • Your customers
  • Your products or services
  • The local community

If a customer earns a chance to play Trivia in your store simply pull a random Trivia question, ask the customer for an answer, and if the answer is even close to being correct, provide the customer with a prize.

All of these three games meet the In Store Game requirements that we set forth above. They are all fun and can be a great tool for engaging your customers in store.

Have you ever used any of these games in your store? How effective was it? Leave a comment below.

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