iPad, Where Retail Marketing Meets Digital Marketing

Have you seen the iPad HD yet? People have been going nuts for it since it’s release last Friday. From the moment iPad 1 was released, this remarkable product has been changing people’s lives and turning entire industries on their ear. Take Sales Reps for example. Sales reps used to carry paper detail aids. Then, the move from to paper to a laptop was a big leap, but it has it’s obvious issues. Now, iPad has completely changed how Sales Reps engage their customers. iPad is creating a tremendous amount of change in the Retail sector as well. Businesses of all kinds are beginning to realize the power iPad has a customer engagement tool.

ipad retail marketing

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Ever since the Internet went mainstream businesses have been using it to market to their customers. As the years have gone by tools like the Internet, mobile phones, geo location, etc. have allowed businesses to slowly begin to merge their digital marketing efforts with their retail marketing. Tools like QR codes, text messaging, and foursquare have been extremely beneficial for merging retail and digital marketing, but they never quite completed the synthesis. Now, with iPad, we finally have a tool that business owners can use to digitally engage their customers while at a physical location, like a store or trade show booth.

Ideas for Using iPad for Customer Engagement

Seriously, take a minute to think about all of the different things that you can do to engage your customers with an iPad in your store. You’re only limited by your creativity. Here are a few ideas for engaging customers with digital marketing tactics through an iPad at your physical location:

  • Play your YouTube videos – Do you have product related YouTube videos? Before iPad, where did most people watch those videos to learn about your products? Probably at their house, right? Now they can watch them in your store, right next to the product. You now have the ability to use that video to convert that shopper into a customer right then in there.
  • Play games – Pick your favorite game and have sales associates challenge customers. Be sure to pick a quick game and offer an instant prize if your customer wins (even better, give it to him just for playing). Think “Save 10% on your purchase if you can beat one of our sales associates in a game of Tic-Tac-Toe”.
  • Convert customers into social media and email connections – OnSpot Social is an iPad app that lets businesses collect Facebook Likes on an iPad, as well as, Twitter Followers and Customer Email Addresses.
  • Display your e-Commerce website – Do you sell more products online than you do in your store? Set up an iPad kiosk in your store, open your website in Safari browser and let customers purchase products from your online store while at your retail location.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can use an iPad at your retail store to engage your customers with digital marketing tactics. What do you think about this new trend? Will you consider using an iPad in your store for customer engagement? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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