Lil’ Wayne Helps Small Businesses Learn How to Promote Events

Ok, for the non-Lil’ Wayne fans out there reading this article, he is one of the more prominent hip-hop artists out right now. His last major studio album went many times platinum. If you want to find out how Lil’ Wayne went from your everyday rap artist to selling millions of records, you can read an article we wrote explaining how Lil’ Wayne used Content Marketing to launch himself into top rapper status. Business owners can really learn a lot from reading this story.

Lil Wayne MixtapeLil’ Wayne is at it again. Lil’ Wayne is getting ready to release his next major studio album, Carter IV in a few months. This is a BIG EVENT for the rap superstar as it’s his next opportunity to sell millions of records. In order to ensure it’s a successful release, Lil’ Wayne is back on his Content Marketing Strategy. He just released a new mixtape last week, aptly titled, “Sorry 4 the Wait”.

Lil’ Wayne is using this new mixtape, which contains more than a dozen new songs, for pre-event promotion. He created the new mixtape and then gave it away for free online, hoping that his listeners will download it and share it with friends in order to get the music into the hands of his target audience. He’s getting his customers excited for Carter IV by giving them a little taste of what they can expect from him in his next studio album. Lil’ Wayne is using content marketing to drive customer engagement prior to his big event. Small Businesses should do the same.

Here at Catalyst we always talk about events having 3 major promotional opportunities: pre-event promotion, live event promotion, and post-event promotion. Business owners can drive awareness and excitement for their event leading up to the event date, promote the event live (perhaps with live tweeting or even through USTREAM), and promote the event after it’s over (by releasing videos, pictures, interviews, etc.). By taking advantage of each of these major promotional opportunities you will achieve much greater success with your events.

Lil’ Wayne has released a mixtape. You can write blog articles. Lil’ Wayne is doing interviews to give details on the new album. You can generate PR through channels like Twitter or even shoot YouTube videos explaining the event. Lil’ Wayne is using Facebook. You can use Facebook and Twitter. Lil’ Wayne is following all of the appropriate steps for successful event promotion. You can do the same. Figure out what details need to be conveyed to your audience. Find a fun way to convey that information. Convey it and be sure to be accessible to answer questions and engage your audience. If you follow these steps and use the right online tools, you can be like Lil’ Wayne and host highly successful events for your small business.


  1. I am not sure we are comparing apples with apples here. Great tactics, but let us not forget the music industry has deep pockets.

  2. Jim – I totally agree that you can’t compare a local business to a superstar musician. With that said, I wanted to use the example simply to show people the strategy and that it does work. It may no work on the scale of selling millions of widgets, but it does work if you understand how to properly execute it. Does that make sense?


    Ryan Taft

  3. Yes. I believe no matter what size business you are in, huge Global company or a local Mom& Pop restaurant, it always helps to benchmark other business models to learn and adapt. Nordstrom’s is one classic example I use when it comes to running a service business.

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