LinkedIn Discussions Can Generate Sales for Your Small Business

LinkedIn is an online social networking tool that’s been around for years, yet doesn’t get as much hype as it deserves. Personally, I think LinkedIn has been the best prospecting tool for Catalyst Marketers to date. Some say LinkedIn just isn’t as “sexy” when compared to other giants like Twitter and Facebook. Here’s a great back and forth between two big time thought-leaders in the social arena. This conversation took place on Twitter this morning.

Lewis Howes, Author of LinkedWorkingDavid Garland, Founder of RISE on ABC

@TheRiseToTheTop Think we should all spend more time on LinkedIn? For some reason I just don’t find it sexy.
@lewishowes You know that pushes my buttons when you say Linkedin isn’t sexy. I’ll do a vid just for you my man
@TheRiseToTheTop Don’t worry Lewis, you are sexy. I see the usability of LinkedIn but I love Twitter/FB. Show me the light!

It sounds like Lewis is going to make a video for David, which I’m sure is going to be really informative. I’d recommend following both of these guys on Twitter and on their other social platforms as well. With the above being said, the reason for this post is to shine some light on a LinkedIn Discussion I’ve been having for the past week. LinkedIn Discussions through LinkedIn Groups can be AMAZING platforms to spread ideas, establish partnerships, and even drive sales.

UPDATE: This post sparked a Skype debate between Lewis Howes & David Garland. Check out their debate on, Is LinkedIn Sexy Enough to Spend Time With?

I recently wrote about Cross-Promotion on this blog and to help promote that post, I started a Discussion in many of my LinkedIn groups. I made sure that each group I chose contained audience members that would find the topic interesting, relevant, & valuable. The question I asked was, “Have you considered partnering with other local businesses to cross promote each others products & services?” I then explained my idea of Cross-Promotion and how it can work for small business owners.

LinkedIn for Your Small BusinessThis discussion topic really hit home as I had numerous responses within several different LinkedIn groups. Alan Openshaw, a Mortgage Consultant at Cornerstone Lending Inc in Philadelphia responded to the discussion from within the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce LinkedIn group. He weighed in on Cross-Promotion and then left this little gem, “By the way, by responding to your last discussion, I started dialogue with a local Realtor and am currently assisting one of his clients….so Thank You!”

By participating in a previous LinkedIn Discussion that I started, Alan built a relationship with a local Realtor, and was able to land a new client through his relationship with that Realtor. So, not only should you be using LinkedIn Discussions to spread your ideas and start discussions, BUT you should be responding to discussions within your LinkedIn Groups. You never know who’s listening…

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  1. Ryan – Interesting stuff and Lewis and I will debate-it-out this afternoon :)

  2. Very cool, David. Thanks for taking time to leave a comment. I really appreciate it. I’m looking forward to hearing the outcome of @TheRiseToTheTop vs. @lewishowes hosted by Skype.


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