Add Local Twitter Hashtags to Your Tweets

Only a few years ago Twitter was the shiny new toy that not everyone was sold on. Now, almost all business owners realize that Twitter offers a lot of benefits to small businesses when it’s leveraged properly. One way that small business can leverage Twitter more effectively is by using Twitter hashtags. If you’re unfamiliar with hashtags, you can read more about them in article we wrote about leveraging Twitter hashtags for running a Black Friday marketing campaign.

Adding Hashtags to your tweets is a great way to get your content in front of relevant people on Twitter. You see, people can follow certain hashtags. If I’m interested learning about Social Media Marketing I might follow the hashtag #SMM. If I’m a fan of football I might follow #NFL or #NFLlockout for the latest information on the NFL lockout. When someone tweets with one of these hashtags then that tweet comes into my stream, when it normally would not have if I wasn’t following that person. Another big hashtag trend is local hashtags. Businesses and individuals are using localized Twitter hashtags to keep up with their local communities. Media sites use local hashtags when tweeting news about their local area. Many people follow local hashtags in order to know what’s going on in their community. Businesses can take advantage of local Twitter hashtags to build a community of high quality followers.

Small Business Twitter TipsAs our readers know, we are all about quality over quantity in all that we do here at Catalyst. Having a HIGH QUALITY online community is much more powerful than having a community of thousands who aren’t interested in what you’re doing. If you’re a small business that operates in a certain community, then you should be using local Twitter hashtags in your tweets. If you operate a local business then it’s assumed that your target audience is primarily the local community. By using local Twitter hashtags in your tweets you can get your information in front of your target audience. An example of a local Twitter hashtag for a business serving Philadelphia might be #Philadelphia or #Philly. You can even get down to the County and Town level. We are located in #Chalfont in #BucksCounty. Anyone following these hashtags will then see your tweets. Hopefully they find them valuable and decide to follow you. Now you have effectively turned someone you did not know into a new community member. Pretty powerful stuff!

Tips for Using Local Twitter Hashtags

  • Search Twitter before using a new local hashtag to see if there is a lot of activity behind it. You don’t want to use a local hashtag that others aren’t using (unless you want to start something new, in which case, BRAVO – Just be sure to let people know you’re starting it).
  • Be sure to follow the local Twitter hashtags that you use most. You want to monitor the conversation. The way we do it is by adding a column in TweetDeck for the hashtag.
  • Try multiple hashtags to see what works best or maybe they all work well. If you sell in multiple areas, like a city, county, and town, then include local Twitter hashtags for all areas.
  • SPELLING COUNTS! – Don’t mess up the name of your city or town.

Adding local Twitter hashtags to your tweets is a very simple action that you can take in order to make Twitter more effective for your business. All that it takes is a little research, some tweaks to your Twitter profile or TweetDeck, and you can start adding local Twitter hashtags to your tweets. Your content will now get in front of more people and more quality people! Ultimately this will lead to an increase in sales for your small business.

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