Small Business Takes Advantage of Nearby Tips on Foursquare

Have you read our recent post about Using Foursquare Tips to Promote Your Small Business? In that post we explained foursquare tips, as well as, why small business owners should use foursquare tips. In this article, we will take our foursquare tips discussion to the next level, by reviewing how Nearby Tips on foursquare drives more people into your business.

When a foursquare users opens their foursquare application she can select the “Tips” tab along the bottom navigation pane within the foursquare application. When “Tips” is selected, the screen that comes up shows the foursquare user all of the Nearby Tips. Foursquare pulls in every tip, from every business, within a geographic radius of your location. For business owners, not only do those foursquare users who check-in at your location get access to your foursquare venue’s Tips, but ALL foursquare users who access foursquare near your venue will get access to your foursquare tips!

Foursquare TipsLooking for an example to help solidify what was described above?? Let’s say that a foursquare user is in close proximity to your business. She goes ahead and opens foursquare to check-in at a local venue. Before or after she checks-in, she taps on the Tips button to check out all of the Nearby Tips. If you’re actively prompting your customers to leave foursquare tips about your venue, then those tips will show up under Nearby Tips. Depending on your tips, the prospect may decide to stop by your business (if its relevant to her interests). Sometimes your business won’t be relevant to her interests, but other times your products & services will be highly relevant. If you have positive foursquare tips associated with your foursquare venue, then you’re more likely to attract her to your store. The flip side is that you don’t have any tips at all, which means your business will never get in front of that prospect. You totally lose out on a new potential client.

The Nearby Tips feature from foursquare can be hugely powerful to those businesses who build a proper foursquare tips strategy, actively leave their own foursquare tips, as well as, prompt their customers to leave foursquare tips. Those businesses who have positive tips associated with their venue can use those tips to drive new customers into their store. If you think about it, this can be an extremely effective tactic for driving your target audience into your store. Not only that, but it doesn’t take a LARGE marketing budget or even a ton of your time. You simply need to claim your venue on foursquare, get a foursquare tips strategy in place, and engage those new prospects when they come into your store.

The last part from the paragraph above, “engage those new prospects when they come into your store”, is key to your success. You should have some sort of sign at your store that says something to the affect of, “10% off to those customers who discovered our store through foursquare”. Be sure to track how many folks take advantage of the offer. This way you can understand the return-on-investment of your foursquare activities. When applying the discount and finalizing the sale, encourage your employees to mention that it would be “awesome” if the new customer would leave a foursquare tip about her experience…and the cycle continues…

What do you think about foursquare Nearby Tips? Can you see the power of this feature?

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  1. I don’t see this on the Anroid version of Foursquare. Is there a setting I’m missing, or is this nearby tips only for iPhone?

  2. Kerri -

    Good point! I don’t think Android offers Nearby Tips at this point. Hopefully they will in the future.


    Ryan Taft

  3. I love the ebook. Lots of information and I love that you did a hair salon as an example. Let me dive into and I’ll comment again. Thanks for sharing your information!

  4. James -

    Thanks so much for the feedback! I really appreciate it and I’m glad you are finding the foursquare ebook useful! I hope all is well with you and your business.



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