Small Business Uses For Content Marketing

Are you looking to implement Content Marketing strategies for your small business, but just can’t find the time to blog more than a few times each month? If you’re looking for innovative ways to compile & share relevant content with customers and prospects, you should consider creating an online Daily Newspaper for your small business. is a new online tool that allows anyone to create their very own online daily newspaper about any topic. Small business owners can leverage to create an online daily newspaper about a topic relevant to your business. You can then distribute it to your customers and prospects via Twitter and Facebook.

How Does Work?

According to their website, “ organizes links shared on Twitter and Facebook into an easy to read newspaper-style format.” allows users to create their own newspaper through tweets or Facebook links. You can choose from a number of content collection options within the system. Depending which option you choose, looks for tweets/Facebook posts with links attached, and then organizes the content into a newspaper format automatically. The tweet content is used as the title of each “newspaper article” and the link is attached to the title to allow readers to easily link out to the story. Another great touch is that any images used within the article that’s being linked to will be used next to the “newspaper story”. Using provides small business with a tool to spread relevant content from others to your customers and prospects in a way that’s very elegant and consistent. Promotions

On a daily basis a new newspaper is created around your topic. You can set the system to tweet your online daily newspaper out automatically AND/OR you can log-in to, grab your newspaper URL, and promote it on all of your social networks. You can also embed your online daily newspaper into your blog or website.

Benefits to Creating an Online Daily Newspaper for Small Business is an innovative new online tool. provides numerous benefits to small business owners who are looking to use Content Marketing to promote your small business. A few of the many benefits of creating an online daily newspaper for your small business are as follows:

  • Set your online daily newspaper up once and it updates automatically every 24 hours – You need only promote it daily (and that can even be done for you on Twitter)
  • Builds relationships with the people who you pull content from for your online daily newspaper – They appreciate you getting their content in front of your customers & prospects
  • Provides consistent and valuable information about a topic relevant to your small business to your customers and prospects
  • is FREE (for up to 10 newspapers – most small businesses won’t need anywhere near that many online daily newspapers)
  • Takes advantage of all the benefits of using a Content Marketing Strategy without spending the time to produce your own online content

Create an Online Daily Newspaper for Your Small Business

As you can see from the information above, the benefits to using to promote your small business are many. Hopefully the ideas for an online daily newspaper for your small business are already racing through your mind. It’s definitely a great new online tool that all small business owners can easily take advantage of. The best part, it’s free to use (for your first 10 newspapers that is). In a future article we will cover how you can create a online daily newspaper for your small business. For now, let us know what you think about this new Content Marketing tactic for small business by leaving a comment below.


  1. This was extremely helpful and I look forward to reading more about on this site! Thanks for all the insight!

  2. Thanks! I started 2 papers just now. I can’t wait to see the results!

  3. Rachel -

    Glad to hear it! Definitely keep us posted on how it goes!


    Ryan Taft

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