Generate Facebook-Likes Using a QR Code

Are you looking for a more effective way to generate Facebook “Likes” for your small business? Aren’t we all?! :) Well, now there’s a way to generate more Facebook “Likes” through the use of QR codes. Likify is a new online service that allows users to create QR codes linked to your Facebook Business Page. Businesses can then print the QR code on anything that you want. When your QR code is scanned the customer gets pointed to a mobile landing page, which contains your official Facebook Like button. Pretty cool, huh? As we have discussed before, QR codes are in their infancy as a marketing tool, but their usage is growing. By next year we think using QR codes to promote your business will be mainstream.

Likify QR code Facebook LikeLikify has made creating a QR code for your Facebook Business Page very simple. Follow the steps below to create a Likify QR code:

  • Setup a Likify account
  • Enter your Facebook Business Page in the form where it says, “Webpage about actual item to like”
  • Personalize the landing page that your customers see once they scan your QR code
    • Add a title for the landing page
    • Add an image, perhaps your company logo or a Facebook logo
    • If you want, you can add another link to give customers more information about your small business (perhaps your company website)
    • Add a coupon if you want to entice customers to “Like” your small business Facebook page
  • Click ‘Generate Code’
  • Start printing your QR code wherever you want it and promote it to your customers and prospects

Once you have your Likify QR code you can then begin to print it on your marketing materials. Hopefully you have created a plan for where you want to place your QR code. This will make the promotion process much more effective. Perhaps you want to place your QR code on your marketing fliers, on an in-store poster, on your website, or you can even print QR codes on your business card to generate more Facebook “Likes” for your Facebook Business Page.

Soon Likify will be providing reporting for users of their service. This means business owners will be able to understand how effective their Facebook “Like” QR code campaign is. If you’re looking for creative ways to generate more Facebook “Likes” for your small business, definitely consider using Likify to create a QR code for your small business Facebook page.


  1. Another great potential usage for QR codes. Thank you for sharing. Imagine a restaurant (e.g., pizza) placing a QR code of this nature on their to go packaging (boxes or bags).

  2. I have one on my FB Profile pic for my Radio Show…it’s cool!

  3. Very cool Ethan. Glad to hear that’s working for you! We appreciate you sharing the information to the rest of the readers.


    Ryan Taft

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