Use QR Codes to Give Away Free Music with Your Wine

One of our clients is a national Smooth Jazz band. They have a new album coming out soon and we are working on ways to get their music into the ears of more people. We are working through the planning phase of our process whereby we set our goals and determine what marketing strategies and tactics will work best to accomplish those goals. With the goal of building more awareness for our client’s music we are thinking that a great strategy for accomplishing this would be to giveaway some of the tunes that aren’t going make the album. Many times bands create much more music than what gets released. A lot of the music that goes unreleased is still good music. Bands need to take advantage of this as we have seen musicians from many genres use this same strategy successfully. We actually wrote about Lil’ Wayne’s meteoric rise to superstardom through the use of this strategy. Lil’ Wayne used the mixtape circuit to grow his fanbase. So, now that our goals are set and our strategy is in place it’s time to develop our marketing tactics.

Jazz Band Partners with Local Winery to Serve Customers Smooth Jazz Music with their Wine

In order to get the free music into the ears of our client’s target audience we came up with the idea of partnering with a winery and using QR codes as a way for wine customers to download our client’s music. Drinking wine and some smooth jazz go great together. It doesn’t matter if you’re 65 or 25, if you’re buying wine then chances are you will enjoy a great smooth jazz tune. The band can find a local or national winery to partner with and then setup the QR code campaign.

Step 1: Partner with a Winery

We have to find the right partner for our client. You want to find a winery or wine brand that targets the same audience as your band. The winery will benefit from increased marketing exposure and they are able to offer their customers added value with their purchase for no added costs. Once you find a great partner and pitch them on the idea, the next step is to setup the QR code campaign.

QR Code Wine

Image Courtesy of Cellar Key

Step 2: Setup the QR code

Setup the QR code so that when a customer scans the QR code with their smart phone that they are either able to download the music file OR input their email address so that the file can be sent to them. The way you set it up really depends on what technologies you want to use. Each way has pros and cons, but the goal of getting the band’s music into the ears of new listeners is accomplished. You also have to determine how the QR codes will be printed and adhered to the wine bottle. A great way to do it is through creating a tag around the bottle neck. See the image to the right for a visual representation. You will incur some costs here, but they can be as small or large as you want (depending on how you want to adhere the QR code and how many bottles you’ll be putting it on).

Step 3: Promote the QR Code Campaign

The only thing left to do is promote the campaign. Use all of your social media channels and definitely take pictures and shoot video. Ask the winery to do some promotion as well. The campaign might even be newsworthy with the local news if you’re partnering with a local winery. Be sure to track how many QR codes were scanned so that you can track results.

We’ll see if our client goes for it. What are your thoughts? If you were the client, would you move forward with partnering with a local winery and use QR codes to allow new listeners to download your music for free? Leave your comments below.


  1. Great idea and a great article!

  2. Thanks so much Alison! We are currently looking for a great winery to partner with! ;) Let me know if you’re interested.



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