Retail Clothing Boutiques Host Their Own Local Fashion Shows: Post-Event Promotion

During the last installment of the Hosting Your Own Local Fashion Show Blog Series, we discussed Fashion Show Event Hosting. One thing to keep in mind during the event, which also should be included in your Fashion Show Plan, is post-event marketing opportunities. As you may know from reading this blog, many events and/or promotions give business owners the ability to create marketing campaigns pre-event, during the live event, and post-event. Hosting a local fashion show at your retail clothing boutique definitely gives you the opportunity to market your business before, during, and after the event. In order to successfully promote the event after it’s already occurred, there are a few things that you have to do during the event to ensure you are creating that post-event content.

Some of the things that you can do during the event to ensure that you have great content to promote after the event is finished, are:

Video Record the Fashion Show

Small clothing retailer hosts a fashion showAs we discussed in the last post, you want to be sure to video record the fashion show. This is the ultimate content piece for post-event promotion. This truly let’s those who were unable to attend the live show, see what they missed. It’s the centerpiece of post-event content. This video will be the video that local media outlets use when they write stories on how great the Fashion Show was. Be sure to capture the event from multiple angles if you can. Run secondary cameras to capture B-Roll footage. This way when it comes time to put the final video together, there is plenty of core footage and even more filler footage for use in the video.

Video Record the Pre- & Post-Fashion Show Sales Events

Remember your goal of selling $2,000 worth of clothes during the event? In the last post, we talked about having a Pre-Event Sale and Post-Event Sale on the day of the Fashion Show. These sales are only open to Fashion Show ticket holders, which keeps it intimate and special for attendees. Be sure that you have someone setup with a video camera to capture these Sales Events. The footage can be used as a stand-alone video to show the Pre & Post Event Sale, but footage can also be used as filler in between other videos that you produce from the Fashion Show. This footage will be used as video content that’s pushed out to your customers and followers Post-Fashion Show.

Video Record Interviews from Fashion Show Attendees

Candid footage of fashion show attendees makes for great content. It gives folks who were unable to attend the event a glimpse into what the event was all about. It also lets them hear from real people, many of whom they can relate with. While attendees are enjoying the event, preferably during the Pre-Event and Post-Event Sale, pull a few aside to capture some video. Ask them what they are hoping to see during the Fashion Show, what new styles they really like, how they liked the Fashion Show, what they think of the post-event sale, etc. All of this candid footage will provide you with a ton of excellent content to promote post-event.

Remember to let interviewees know how you plan on using the content – ensure they are OK with it. Even consider having them sign a waiver if you want to truly protect yourself. With that said, the more barriers you create, the less your chances are of getting everyone to participate. It’s really your call based on your comfort level. We usually go the route of, “it’s easier to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission”. Usually nobody complains about anything, but if something were to come up, worst case scenario is that you’re asked to take the video down.

Video Record Interviews from Contest Winners

Prospects love hearing from current customers when they are doing their consumer research. Knowing this, it would be great to grab some interviews from your contest winners and other folks who are loyal customers of your clothing store. As we discussed in the Fashion Show Event Hosting post, prior to the fashion show you can send new clothing to a few lucky local consumers, along with free tickets to attend the fashion show. For many, this would be a really cool thing to have happen to them. Be sure to capitalize on your generosity and creativity by getting as many of the winners on camera as possible, either before or after the event. Remember, these folks will be wearing the clothes they received from you, so that’s great advertising right there. Capturing a video of the winners, who are wearing clothes from you store, is great post-event promotion material. Each winner can talk about his or her experience during the evening, which will hopefully be full of positive reviews of your clothes and your business.

Content Distribution and Promotion

After you capture all of the footage during the event, edit it and make it ready to go live, it’s time to start publishing that video footage to your small business YouTube Channel and to your blog. You can then use the same online social tools that you’ve been using throughout this process, Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare, LinkedIn, etc. to promote your new content. Use the content to drive folks to your website or online retail store. You can even get creative with the footage and create new promotions out of it.

Perhaps during one of the video interviews, you hand a customer a $100 gift certificate and instruct that person to hide it in one of the hundreds of pieces of clothing in your store. Then, during post-event promotion, you mention the promotion, show the video clip, and let viewers of the video know that next time they come into the store, they could find a $100 gift certificate in a random piece of clothing. This will certainly help drive traffic to your clothing store post-event – which is the goal! :)

The next installment of the Hosting Your Own Local Fashion Show Blog Series, which will also be the final installment, focuses on Fashion Show Return-On-Investment. Remember to check back to our blog every few days to get access to the new post once it’s up OR simply subscribe to Catalyst Marketers blog to receive email updates when new posts are published.

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