Retail Clothing Boutiques Host Their Own Local Fashion Shows by Using Online Social Tools

Do you own or operate a small retail clothing business? If so, do you find it difficult to compete with some of the larger retail chains out there? Do you ever find yourself watching those celebrity-filled fashion shows on TV saying, “our clothes are so much nicer than that”. If that’s the case, then perhaps you should consider hosting your own local fashion show for your retail clothing boutique.

Hosting a local fashion show for your small retail clothing store could be hugely beneficial to your business. It’s a creative way to spend your marketing dollars. Here are a few positives that your clothing store can get out of running an event like this:

  • The fashion show would generate you a ton of brand awareness through local media outlets, blogs, etc.
  • You can easily afford to promote it, and run it, by using free online social tools
  • The audience can be made up of top customers, local media, etc. You can create some great promotions around getting tickets for the live event.
  • During the show you can sell merchandise to live audience members
  • Before, during, and after the event you can use the story to drive new fans, follows, blog readers, etc. for your small business
  • The fashion show would create a lot of word-of-mouth buzz around your community and hopefully drive new customers to your retail clothing store

Bucks County, PA Fashion ShowThere are probably even more benefits to running an event like this, but you only have so much time to read this post and I only have so much time to write it…The key for small business owners to pulling this off is that the tools to do so are now available to you at a price you can afford. Online social tools can help you promote the event, share the event with the world, and converse with fans post-event. I’d imagine that you could run your own local fashion show for less than $1,000 if you get creative. Tools like YouTube and Viddler allow you to post a video from the show online. Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and your company blog will allow you to promote the event both before, during, and after. Your fashion show may be so cutting edge for your local community that it gets picked up by local news stations, which will add some great PR for you and your small retail clothing shop.

Hosting your own local fashion show for your retail clothing boutique can seem like a daunting challenge for most time-strapped business owners. With that said, if it’s something that you believe can really make a positive impact on your business, then go for it. Before getting started, break the event down into more manageable pieces. Here are the 5 main steps we’d carve out for executing a highly successful local fashion show.

  1. Local Fashion Show: Event Planning
  2. Local Fashion Show: Pre-Event Promotion
  3. Local Fashion Show: Event Hosting
  4. a href=”” title=”Post Event Promotion”>Local Fashion Show: Post-Event Promotion
  5. Local Fashion Show: Return-On-Investment

Over the next week, to two weeks, we’ll be breaking each one of these components down. The goal being to provide our readers with a clear framework on how to execute an event of this magnitude for your small business, through the use of online social tools.

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  1. There are a lot of strong ways to advertise on the internet and most of them are free. One way to do it is to use video platforms like YouTube to let the world see what your product or services are. A lot of people nowadays are actually doing it.

  2. Micajen – Absolutely. Thanks for taking time to read the blog and post a comment. I really appreciate it. I absolutely agree that YouTube provides a great platform for video content.


    Ryan Taft

  3. Hi I am in an organization and want to put on a fashion show, with a local vendor. Can you help me with this and put me in touch with a vendor. I would like to do this in the fall and I am in Southwest Florida. Can you help me? Nancy

  4. Nancy -

    Of course we can help! It’s going to be a great event. Why don’t we setup some time to talk? I’ll send you an email.


    Ryan Taft

  5. Im getting ready to do my fashion show and this site was very helpful…


  1. - Retail Clothing Boutiques Host Their Own Local Fashion Shows... Ideas like hosting your own local fashion show as a small retail …

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