Run a Twitter ReTweet Contest to Drive New Twitter Followers

When it comes to marketing your business through social media, it’s all about engagement. It doesn’t matter if you have 3 followers, if those followers are engaged in what you’re doing, then social media is worth your time. With that said, the goal is to grow the number of followers, while also growing your relationship with as many of them as possible. Once you’ve spent time building your Twitter foundation, and while you’re in the process of building your following, Twitter contests can be a fun & effective way of engaging current followers, AND driving new followers.

Run a Twitter ContestThere are a number of different types of Twitter Contests that businesses can run. Many share similar goals. For this post, we are going to discuss one of the most basic Twitter Contests out there, but one that when executed properly, definitely drives results. Running a ReTweet Contest for your small business can be a great way to promote your content, drive action from current followers, and accumulate new Twitter followers.

Referring to ReTweet Contests as basic, was simply meant to describe the work and planning needed to execute a ReTweet Contest. First, business owners should determine what your goals for the contest are, next you need to determine what actions you want your followers to take, then you can come up with an offer or prize for the winner, while also deciding on how you will determine a winner. Once you’ve taken the time to plan for your ReTweet Contest, now it’s a matter of finding the content that you want to use for the contest, and promoting it through your social networks, mainly Twitter.

Create an Online Marketing PlanJust the other day, I was the lucky winner of a local ReTweet Contest. @VillageInsider was running a ReTweet contest on behalf of @TownCrierBakery in Peddler’s Village. The contest asked followers to ReTweet a specific @VillageInsider tweet by a specific time. Once the contest came to an end, @VillageInsider & @TownCrierBakery selected a winner from everyone who ReTweeted their content. I was lucky enough to win, and I received a Father’s Day Black Tie Cake from Town Crier Bakery in New Hope, PA.

By running this ReTweet Contest, Town Crier Bakery was able to:

  • Drive action from current Twitter followers
  • Get their message in front of each of their followers’ Twitter network (at least the followers who participated in the ReTweet Contest)
  • Accumulate new Twitter followers
  • Build a stronger, real-world relationship with me (and possibly others) – I met the owners of Town Crier Bakery and Eve, the voice behind @VillageInsider. I now know them outside of Twitter and will continue to support their business, as I now feel like an Insider.
  • Drive sales – I bought breakfast with my fiance at Town Crier Bakery when we stopped in to get the cake
Foursquare stats

As you continue to use social media tools like Twitter to promote your business, build relationships, and drive sales, running Twitter Contests, like a ReTweet Contest, is a creative, yet cost-effective & time-effective, way to build and engage your Twitter following. Have you run a ReTweet Contest for your small business? What were the results?


  1. Thanks for this post. I am thinking of running a twitter or a facebook contest to generate more traffic to our web site. This post was very helpful information. Thanks again

  2. Glad you found the post helpful! Good luck with your contest. Hopefully you stop back and leave another comment letting everyone know how it went. We’d love to hear about it!


    Ryan Taft

  3. We are currently running a twitter comp after seeing this, its over at our log cabin site. Thanks for the advice

  4. Glad to heart that! Please stop back and let the community know how the Twitter contest worked for your company.


    Ryan Taft

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