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The other day we published another installment of the Hosting Your Own Local Fashion Show Blog Series. We received a comment from James Jordan of Matthew Ray Salon. James has published a few very insightful comments on our blog over the past few months, which we very much appreciate James, and this one was no different. James let our readers know that over on, salon owners can create their very own Facebook Marketing Cards. We thought that this was a really great value-add from Redken, so we wanted to do some digging. This post is the fruits of our labor…

Facebook Marketing CardFirst, let’s quickly define what Facebook Marketing Cards are. I’m not sure if Redken coined the term or not, but basically, these cards are printed cards that have the Facebook logo and Facebook fan page URL on them. All business owners should have some sort of take-home card that they give their customers at check-out. On the card should be the URLs for each online social tool that you have a presence on, as well as, your blog URL and website URL. This is a great way to drive fans and followers to your online social tools. The catch is, business owners don’t have time to go out and find a company to help them create and produce these Social Media Cards. By Redken making the service available to their target audience, who in this case are salon owners, they are providing a ton of value to their customers. Other organizations will hopefully capitalize on this and create a service that all business owners can take advantage of. VistaPrint would be an ideal candidate. Does anyone know if offers a service like this?

Redken sells hair products and services. Many of their customers are salon owners. Those salon owners purchase Redken products and then sell them retail in their salons to the ultimate end users, consumers. Salon owners also purchase Redken products to use in their salon. In the never ending search to always be creating more and more value for their customers, Redken realized how beneficial Facebook was becoming for Salon owners. They capitalized on this trend by providing salon owners with the ability to create “Facebook Marketing Cards” through their “Professional Site” on

Redken has created a number of business tools on their Professional site, all geared towards salon owners. Some of these tools and information are free, and others, like the Facebook Marketing Cards, are for sale. By understanding the needs of their target audience, which in this case were access to business tools, and more specifically, a tool that provides an easy way for salon owners to promote their business on Facebook, Redken was able to add value to their relationship with salon owners. Even though salon owners have to pay for their Facebook Marketing Cards, Redken still provides them with an easy way to produce them. When you print marketing materials, you’re always going to have some costs, so Redken is still providing value even though they are passing through the print costs for the Facebook Marketing Cards — Good for them if they can make a little profit off of it as well — that’s what business is about.

Create a Facebook Marketing Card on

The first step is to Register on Professional Site. It’s an easy process and it’s free. Once you’ve registered, you now have access to everything on the Redken Professional Site. To create your Facebook Marketing Card, simply follow this path: Click on Grow My Business –> My Business Toolbox –> Salon Essentials –> Facebook Cards

Redken Business Tools for Salon Owners

Redken has made it very easy for salon owners to create materials that help them promote their Facebook fan page. The service benefits both Redken and salon owners. Hopefully salon owners take advantage of their ability to create Facebook Marketing Cards on Thanks again to James Jordan for letting us know about this service!


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