@SCVNGR is Using Twitter to Build Relationships with Early Adopters

SCVNGR gets it! SCVNGR is a mobile game about going places, doing challenges and earning points. SCVNGR is one of the newest mobile games built around geo-location, and like the 10,000 lb gorilla in the category, foursquare, the opportunities for small business owners to promote their message through SCVNGR are HUGE! One thing that’s really cool to see is SCVNGR using other online tools, like Twitter, to build relationships with early adopters, like Catalyst Marketers. We talk a lot on this blog about the power of Twitter for reaching your target audience, and building relationships with those folks. SCVNGR obviously sees the power in Twitter for business, and in this post, we are going to discuss just how @SCVNGR uses Twitter.

SCVNGR MarketingI guess it was about three weeks ago at this point, when we first heard about SCVNGR here at Catalyst. I read about the New England Patriots using SCVNGR to engage their fans during the “off-season” in the NFL. After a little research, it was clear that SCVNGR is onto something BIG for businesses. We went ahead and penned our first post on using SCVNGR for business. As we do with ALL of our content, we promoted it through Twitter, and included a @SCVNGR mention. It was great to see that @SCVNGR actually responded to our tweet, with a mention, and began following Catalyst Marketers on Twitter.

Since our first interaction on Twitter, we have now exchanged multiple tweets with @SCVNGR. We have even started to follow some of the amazing SCVNGR employees & founders. They have followed us back, and we are at the beginning stages of building our relationship with them. It’s been such a great experience to see an organization going about using Twitter the right way, that we just had to write yet ANOTHER SCVNGR post on the blog ;)

As you may know from reading some of our Twitter-related content, we feel that Twitter is hugely powerful for business owners. When leveraged properly, it can help you reach more people, build relationships with those folks, and ultimately drive sales. Let’s breakdown what’s gone on between Catalyst Marketers & SCVNGR over the past few weeks on Twitter. This will allow you to see how a forward-thinking organization like SCVNGR is using Twitter for business. Hopefully it will help give you a better understanding around using Twitter for your small business.

    SCVNGR Marketing

  1. SCVNGR created a plan & identified their target audience – Early Adopters & Marketing Agencies
  2. SCVNGR built their social media foundation on select tools & started producing content
  3. SCVNGR then began following & interacting with their target audience (Catalyst Marketers being one of the many)
  4. SCVNGR continues to engage with their target audience around content
  5. SCVNGR is promoting the use of their product & helping folks understand the value that’s created by using their product

SCVNGR is doing all of the right things when it comes to using online tools to reach their target audience, build relationships, and ultimately grow sales. Social Media Marketing is a process, and when you have the proper plan, a little creativity, and the right process, you can use online tools to grow your business. We look forward to continuing our relationship with SCVNGR and cannot wait to see how they progress in the future.

Obviously SCVNGR is a smaller organization right now, but if/when it starts to grow, we hope that SCVNGR won’t forget that it all started with that personal interaction through online tools. I don’t think they’ll begin to move away from that, but you never know. Either way, it shows just how important it is to use online tools, like Twitter, to engage your target audience.

SCVNGR MarketingHere at Catalyst Marketers, we were fans of SCVNGR before we started our relationship with them, now that they’ve engaged us, and taken an interest in what we do, we are HUGE advocates. Every time we write a blog post about SCVNGR or tweet about them to our followers, the SCVNGR brand grows. Who knows, perhaps we’ll even write our next eBook, in our Driving Growth for Your Small Business eBook Series, on SCVNGR. SCVNGR created a remarkable product, and they are now using online tools to help build relationships with early adopters, and drive growth – IT’S WORKING. Now, that’s the power of using online tools, like Twitter, to build your brand!


  1. Ryan thanks again for all the love. We really do appreciate it and thank you for being such big fans of SCVNGR!

    We’ll keep our eyes peeled for that ebook! :)

  2. Cort –

    You got it! Thanks for creating such a great product. When the new SCVNGR eBook is ready, you’ll be the first to know!


    Ryan Taft

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