Use SCVNGR to Drive Sales for Your Small Business

FOURSQUARE, FOURSQUARE, FOURSQUARE. Anyone who reads this blog knows that here at this Online Marketing Agency, we absolutely LOVE foursquare as a business tool – heck, we even wrote an eBook on the subject of using foursquare for business. With that said, new tools are popping up all of the time, and although we don’t see SCVNGR as a foursquare killer, we do see it as offering very unique benefits for those early adopter business owners. In this post, we are going to discuss what SCVNGR is, who’s using it, and what the initial benefits are for your business.

What is SCVNGR?

SCVNGR Marketing“SCVNGR is a game about doing challenges at places”. People play SCVNGR by going places, doing challenges, and earning points. SCVNGR is currently available for both the iPhone and Android. With that said, one really cool feature is that anyone can play as long as they can text & snap pictures from their phone. Similar to foursquare, SCVNGR has given the user the power to add to the game by adding places (think venues on foursquare), creating Challenges, and even building Treks. Challenges are built into every location on SCVNGR. Challenges can range from snapping a photo, scanning a QR code (this is pretty unique), or taking part in an activity. Users then earn points based on the Challenges that they complete. Treks are a series of Challenges. Treks can be completed as one-time events, or can be on-going. Treks can also be completed over time. When completing a Trek, SCVNGR users go from place to place completing challenges. What’s really cool about SCVNGR is that business owners can build their own Challenges and Treks! This feature provides TREMENDOUS marketing value to small businesses.

Who’s Using SCVNGR?

Did you know that the New England Patriots are currently in the process of running a very prominent treasure hunt on SCVNGR? Vince Wilfork of the New England Patriots has lost his Super Bowl ring. New Englanders can use SCVNGR to help Vince find his missing ring. The Patriots are hoping to build some buzz during a normally media-quiet period of the year. It seems to be working as thousands of folks are participating in the program currently.

The New England Patriots are just the latest organization to start capitalizing on using SCVNGR for business. Over on another blog that we follow here at Catalyst Marketers, Ryan Gerardi discusses how Jay Wolfe Toyota used SCVNGR and gave away a free Toyota to the lucky winner! The folks at Jay Wolfe Toyota built a Trek on SCVNGR throughout St. Louis. Approximately 500 local residents competed to complete the Trek and win the free car. Jay Wolfe Toyota was able to capitalize on some fantastic PR, as well as, build brand awareness with their target audience – local St. Louis car owners.

What are the Benefits to Using SCVNGR?

SCVNGR MarketingSCVNGR provides small business owners with yet another fantastic platform to use to reach, and engage their customers. Building Challenges on SCVNGR entices your customers to take part in an activity while at your location. That activity is then shared with others who are connected to your customer on SCVNGR. You can change challenges as often as you’d like for your business. This will help keep customers engaged.

We also talk a lot about Local Partnerships here on this blog, and building Treks on SCVNGR is a great way to partner with other local businesses to engage an entire community in a treasure hunt. Are you in charge of tourism in a local community? Do you manage guest activities at a resort? Perhaps you’re a small business owner who likes to participate in things like community sidewalk sales? Treks on SCVNGR are a great way to get your customers active around your brand and your community. Each time customers come into your store as part of a Trek, there’s an opportunity for them to purchase something. As you know, getting customers into the store is one of the toughest parts of closing a sale. SCVNGR helps business owners get more people into their store. Building Challenges & Treks on SCVNGR helps business owners keep those customers engaged once they get there.

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