Shoot a Commercial for Your Small Business

Do you own a small-to-medium-sized business? If so, you probably haven’t considered ever creating a television commercial to help promote your business. Why? Because it’s just way too expensive. Plus you’re probably noticing that TV ads are rapidly losing their effectiveness for helping to sell products and services. With all of this being said, it doesn’t mean creating commercials for your small business is a bad idea. Notice I didn’t say, “…creating TV commercials…”. New video recording, editing, publishing, and promoting tools are popping up everyday, which brings down the costs for creating a commercial for your business.

Say goodbye to this…

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Create a Marketing Plan for Your Commercial

The BIGGEST piece of shooting a successful commercial for your business is Planning. We always say, spend two-thirds of your time planning, and one-third of your time executing your promotional campaigns. Video is no different, and actually one of the more important marketing tactics that this division of time is necessary. You don’t want to re-shoot your commercial, right?

Go over what your goals for the commercial are, then develop the idea for the commercial (which should be geared towards achieving your goal and include your marketing message), write your script, and then put together a Shoot Day Guide (a list of helpful reminders for the day of the video shoot). Once all of this is taken care of, find your “talent” (if you’re not going to be in the video), get them a copy of the script, explain the purpose of the commercial, and answer any questions they have. Once you’ve done this, it’s onto shooting and editing your commercial.

Shoot and Edit Your Video with iPad

There are a number of different tools out there which can help you shoot and edit your commercial. You can purchase a video camera and editing software for your Mac or PC. You can outsource it to a video marketing company. You can also use iPad 2 to do it all for you. iPad 2 comes with a video camera. As for video editing, all it takes is an iPad app like ReelDirector 3.0 to get the job done. We recommend you use iPad for both shooting video and editing (as long as you’re not looking for HD quality video). It’s cost effective, easy to manage, and all occurs within one tool.

On Shoot Day be sure to arrive on location earlier than everyone else. Get everything setup (except for things that others’ are responsible for) that you can, so that everyone is impressed with how prepared you are. This will set a professional tone for the shoot. Be sure to shoot video from many different angles. Yes, that means you have to record the script multiple times. That’s OK. You want to be able to edit in different angles for the final video. If there are any difficult words in the video script, be sure to get the talent to say those words many different ways at the end of the shoot in case you have to edit in the word later. Capture b-roll footage, which is footage of the location, talent, etc. You can never have too much video.

Once your shoot is finished it’s time to start editing. Again, video editing can be handled in a number of ways, but it’s probably easiest to use a great video editing iPad app. You want to keep your commercial to 30-45 seconds as to not lose people’s attention. It’s also a good idea to create both an introduction and closing for the video. Maybe that’s just your logo showing up on screen. Maybe it’s a narration. There are a number of ways to handle the introduction and closing, but it’s good to get some branding in during those portions of the commercial.

Publish Your Commercials on YouTube

As for publishing your commercial. No more do you have to bog down your website. Simply add your commercial to your YouTube Channel. YouTube is a great tool for small business owners who want to produce video content to drive sales for their business. Upload your commercial to YouTube, optimize it by adding things like a Title and Description full of keywords. After your commercial has been optimized on YouTube, it’s time to start driving traffic to it.

Promote Your Commercial on Social Media

Social media channels like Facebook and Twitter are great tools for driving traffic to your commercial. You can even write a blog article about your commercial (perhaps providing background information or sharing a funny story from Shoot Day, etc.) and embed the YouTube video within your article. If the commercial is funny or informative (hopefully both) you will also benefit from viewers sharing it with friends and family, probably through social media and e-mail. Over time, you will find unique ways to get your commercial in front of your target audience. With that said, this can’t happen if you don’t take the time to shoot a commercial for your small business.

So, what say you? Are you envisioning a funny commercial for your business? Will you actually move forward in shooting a commercial for your small business? Today provides opportunities like never before for innovative small business owners. Take advantage. Shoot a commercial for your small business today.


  1. Great idea, Ryan. Not enough small businesses are tapping the power of online video. They should. Like you say, it’s easy to do and it’s cheap!


  2. Thanks Steve. Much appreciated. I totally agree. I think we’ll see more and more small businesses getting into online video just as we saw them slowly move into using Facebook and Twitter.



  3. this is a nice info. great stuff and thanks for posting this :) there’s actually another way to publish commercial through YouTube and I believe its a lot easier. There’s a tool called Ezvid – a free slideshow maker for YouTube. So if you only have text ads or pictures of what you want to sell, Ezvid is generally a great tool to use since it can then upload your pictures to YouTube with just one click of a button and you can also record your voice so while pictures are showing you can enhance more your marketing strategy..Just google search for Ezvid


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