Have You Done Your #SpringTweening Yet?

Spring is here! Have you done your #SpringTweening yet? SpringTweening: Cleaning up your Twitter account to make your time on Twitter more efficient and effective.

A few weeks back I was having a Twitter conversation with @Ann_Donnelly and she mentioned that she was cleaning up her Twitter account. That conversation sparked the idea for this post. Shout out to Ann –> Follow her, she’s great!

Update my twitter profileIf you have been using Twitter to promote your business, then you know that the more time your spend on Twitter, the better your results are. With that being said, there are things that you can do to increase your productivity on Twitter. As a business owner, time is a critical resource and anything you can do to make better use of your time, is worth pursuing. Now, sometimes you have to spend time, to create time. What I mean by this is, by taking a few minutes to clean up your Twitter account every few months, you will be able to make better use of Twitter for business, which ultimately saves you time on an on-going basis and adds more value to your business. Things change so fast in the online world, and if we don’t take a second to make occasional updates to our social media profiles, we risk losing out on potential opportunities.

Here are a few things that you can consider when completing your #SpringTweening this year:

  • Create lists and/or groups of key customers, competitors, other local merchants who you want to actively follow and engage
  • Update your Profile Bio if anything needs a refresh. Are you using your keywords in your Twitter profile? You should be.
  • Go through the list of people you’re following and remove anyone who isn’t active or doesn’t make sense for you to follow any longer
  • Use tools like TweepSearch to find new relevant followers for your small business and begin following those folks – hopefully they will follow you back

By taking these steps every few months, you can be much more productive on Twitter. By creating lists or groups, you can easily follow a select set of individuals. At least one list should be comprised of high value customers, so that you can actively engage those folks. Updating your profile will allow more relevant people to find and follow you. Removing followers who no longer make sense for your business will remove some of the “noise” in your Twitter feed and allow you to focus on your most important connections. Finally, finding and using new Twitter tools like TweepSearch allow you to get more out of the time you spend on Twitter. TweepSearch allows you to search for, and connect with, your specific targets. Hopefully you can find the time to do your #SpringTweening in the next few weeks. If you do, you’ll make better use of Twitter for business.


  1. Thanks! Nice to know someone is listening out there. I have been much more productive since I’ve #springtweened.

  2. Ann –

    Thanks so much for the comment AND the inspiration for this post! I also appreciate you letting readers know that your Twitter productivity increased after you completed your #SpringTweening – that’s powerful information. I hope others will take our advice and set aside some time to update their Twitter account.

    Thanks again,



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