Small Business Uses a Teleprompter Mobile App to Help Record Video

Video Marketing for Small Business is booming as costs are dropping (sometimes to $0 – ie. YouTube for hosting & promoting), more efficient tools are coming to market, and business owners are finally ready to start embracing Content Marketing. This perfect storm for Video Marketing has lead us on a never-ending search for great online video tools. Luckily or us, the latest video tool that we’ve discovered actually came to us (in the form of a new Catalyst client – full disclosure).

Teleprompt+, a Teleprompter application for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch was created in April 2010 by Bombing Brain Interactive. Since it’s creation, Teleprompt+ has become known as the highest quality teleprompter application on the market. This article is going to review the features of Teleprompt+ and explain how small businesses can take advantage of this great new mobile tool for Video Marketing.

Teleprompter for iPad

What Features Does Teleprompt+ Offer?

Teleprompt+ can be used on multiple Apple devices, but for video recording, we recommend that small business owners purchase the iPad version. The main reason that it is best to use the iPad version for creating online video is simply due to the size of the iPad when compared to the other devices. You can position your iPad out of your recording space, while still being able to see the font clearly. The second reason for using Teleprompt+ on the iPad is because Bombing Brain also offers a free teleprompter remote control for the iPhone, which can be used to control Teleprompt+ on the iPad during your video recording sessions — Pretty cool, huh?

Teleprompt+ offers a variety of excellent features, which is why it’s known as the highest quality Teleprompter application on the market today. Some of the built-in features are:

  • Script Editor – Easily write your speaking scripts directly in Teleprompt+ using the built in text editor, or by copying and pasting from Mail, iWork, or any other iPad application. You can even import Google Documents into Teleprompt+ AND Dropbox!
  • Progress Tracker – Track your progress using the integrated timer display (estimate, actual, and remaining time)
  • Easy-to-Use Teleprompter Controls – Pause, play, and adjust playback speed live during prompting. Scroll text during prompting using normal iPad swipe gestures
  • Customization is Easy – Customize the following appearance and playback settings per script: Scrolling speed, Start countdown, Timer display, Font type, Font size, Text color, and Background color

Use Teleprompt+ to Help Record Video

Have you watched those YouTube videos where the business owner appears to be “winging it”? The quality of the video is usually lacking when business owners do not use a teleprompter when recording their online videos. For many, Teleprompters are still too expensive, so they decide to forgo the purchase, and their videos usually suffer because of it. Now, for less than $10 you can ensure that you stay on point during your videos, communicate your message properly, and do so in a timely manner. Using a teleprompter when recording video helps keep the video on point, which means your 3 minute video WILL NOT turn into a 6-minute ordeal. Your prospects and customers don’t have time to watch 6 minutes of you fumbling through your message. Use a teleprompter to keep your online videos concise and on-point.

iPad standBombing Brain Interactive has even forged partnerships with other organizations, like IK Multimedia, to create Teleprompter accessories. IK Multimedia created iKlip, a teleprompter stand or the iPad. By making this additional investment you can be sure that you’ll be able to position the iPad wherever necessary when recording your video. iKlip is only $39.99, so for less than $50 you will have a reliable teleprompter to help you record QUALITY videos for your small business.

Benefits of Using a Teleprompter iPad App

We have already gone through a few of the biggest benefits to using Teleprompt+ to help record videos for your small business, but we will go through a few more, as it’s really important to create quality videos; Teleprompt+ can help you do that. Here goes:

  • Save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in upfront costs to purchase a standard teleprompter
  • Easily input, edit, and remove video scripts
  • Keeps your videos on track time-wise
  • No lugging around heavy teleprompter equipment – Just bring your iPad, iPhone, & iKlip

Hopefully Video Marketing tactics are part of your 2011 Online Marketing Plan. If you’re using video content to educate, and provide value to your customers, then you should definitely consider spending the $10 to purchase Teleprompt+ for the iPad.


  1. We designed an iPhone & iPad teleprompter holder for exactly this reason. We kept the price low so it can be bought by any small business. We’ve sold hundreds and we are getting excellent customer reviews.

    Hopefully it helps businesses keep costs down and get a teleprompter that works like the expensive ones.

    We are 2 young guys in Sydney Australia, and we invented it, and it is working and selling. Check it out.

    Prompt-it Teleprompters

  2. Excellent tool Ryan. Thank you for making me aware of it. Video is an excellent platform for small business owners, adds personality to one’s social media initiatives, but the more I think about video for a corporate client we are looking at unscripted customer satisfaction footage for our content. Having a President talk about his company’s business a tad dry, less exciting than happy customers.

  3. Jim –

    Thanks for taking time to leave a comment. As always you bring up a great point. I think unscripted customer footage would be great for both corporate clients and small business owners. I think we are going to see more and more of it as the technology becomes even more widely available.

    Thanks again,


  4. Hi Jim & Ryan,

    you are both absolutely correct. We have seen so many people simply read a script off a teleprompter and it does sound very dry.

    What we are trying to avoid are the “umms and aahs”. So even with a teleprompter, preparation is the key. The speaker must know their script and have practised it many times in front of a mirror. The teleprompter should only really “prompt” the speaker, so he/she doesn’t forget the lines.

    Having a teleprompter won’t fix the problem, but it will help to decrease the hesitations and used correctly will make the video much better.

    Prompt-it Teleprompters

  5. Richard -

    Absolutely. You’re spot on. I really appreciate your feedback!



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