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Are you using Twitter for business? If you’re an avid reader of the Catalyst Marketers Blog, then you know just how much we love using Twitter for business. With that said, there are effective Twitter strategies, and some not-so-effective Twitter strategies. One thing that we love about Twitter is that it allows you to reach, and build relationships with, more people than you ever could without using Twitter. The key is to find the RIGHT people to engage, and then to engage them the RIGHT way.

In today’s post, we are going to talk about the power of ReTweets, and why it’s important to say “thank you” to those who ReTweet your content. ReTweets are a sign that other people respect & value your content. When someone ReTweets your content, it goes out to everyone who’s following your ReTweeter. That means your content gets in front of that many more eyeballs. The more people who ReTweet your content, the more eyeballs your content gets in front of. There are a few things that you can do to encourage people to ReTweet your content. The first, and most important, is to tweet relevant information for your audience. It’s good to let your personality show through on Twitter, but do not tweet about everything you’re doing (ie. hopping into the shower). Tweet content that your Twitter followers are going to find valuable.

Another thing to keep in mind when tweeting your content, try to keep your tweets to less than 140 characters, in order to leave room for others to ReTweet your content. When someone ReTweets your content, their Twitter username & the letters RT (ReTweet) must go into their tweet. Some people even like to comment on the content that they ReTweet. By you keeping your tweets as short as possible, you cause less work for those who want to ReTweet your content, as they don’t have to modify your content in order to keep their tweet at 140 characters.

When people begin to ReTweet your content, it’s imperative that you thank them for doing so. As we discussed above, you want as many ReTweets as possible for your content (as long as they are coming from QUALITY Twitterers). Just like you would thank someone for passing along your business card to an associate, you want to thank them for ReTweeting your content. There are a few ways to go about saying “thank you” to your ReTweeters.

What we like to do here at Catalyst Marketers (when it makes sense), is to ReTweet the ReTweet…stay with me now. :) If someone ReTweets your content, you can then ReTweet that tweet, and say “thank you” in your tweet. It’s a great way to get your original tweet back into the Twittersphere. Here are the steps we take to make this happen:
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  • Click ReTweet on the Retweet from one of your followers
  • Delete the “RT” that comes up in front of your ReTweeter’s Twitter username
  • Delete the colon after your ReTweeter’s Twitter username
  • Insert the following copy, “Tx 4 the RT on –>”
  • Keep your original Tweet copy & link after the “–>”
  • The final product, our Thank You Tweet, usually looks like, “@JeffMoskovitz Tx 4 the RT on –> Drive Traffic to Facebook with Facebook Window Clings” – If we have room to spell out “Thank You for”, we usually do that. If not, we shorten it like you see here.

The example above is what we like to do when saying “thank you” to those who ReTweet our content. With that said, if you get a lot of ReTweets around the same time, on the same tweet, then you shouldn’t do this for EVERY ReTweet. The goal is to get a lot of ReTweets, so if you find that multiple people are ReTweeting your content, we recommend that you create a generic “thank you” where you add ALL of your ReTweeters usernames to one Tweet and then add “Thank you for the ReTweet”. That tweet usually ends up like, “@AutoConversion @AutoBurstWebs @RyanTaft Thank you for the ReTweet!”.

Another way to thank your ReTweeter is to send him or her a Direct Message saying “Thank you for the ReTweet. Have a great day!”, or something to that affect. However you approach saying “thank you” to people who ReTweet your content, be sure to do so, as being polite is the basis for many long-lasting relationships, and that’s what we are all after, strong relationships with like-minded folks. Twitter is a great platform for building those relationships, but it takes effective Twitter strategies, like saying “thank you” to those people who ReTweet your content, in order for Twitter to work hard for your business.


  1. Great post. I’m pretty anal about that – sometimes late, but always thanking for the RTs. Not everyone does, and I suppose if you have a lot of followers retweeting, it could become a heavy burden, not just on you, but on all those followers reading a parade of thank yous. But for me, I like to say thanks.

  2. David –

    Thanks so much for taking the time to read the post AND post a comment! I really appreciate it. I agree, it can be tough when you get a lot of ReTweets…As much as possible, I think we both agree that it’s worth doing. Thanks for weighing in!


    @RyanTaft (Twitter)

  3. Thanks for the info! Right now, I’m not using twitter very much but I do tweet my articles & videos, I wasn’t sure how to thank the “reTweeter”s for the love so I appreciate your post. I agree, if someone takes the time to read, watch, or share your info… a simple thanks goes a long way.

  4. Wes – You got it man! I’m glad to hear that you found the article valuable. We LOVE Twitter! Just like the real-world, people appreciate someone with manners. Keep us posted on how Twitter continues to work for you and your business.


    @RyanTaft (Twitter)

  5. Thanks very much for this article. Sometimes its hard to know what is ‘expected’ without making mistakes. Your article gave me confidence about the proper etiquite. I tweeted this url to my followers.


  6. Michael – Thanks so much for taking time to leave a comment! I’m glad to hear the article helped you. I totally understand where you’re coming from. From our perspective, it’s better to try new things and make mistakes than to do nothing and expect sales to come to you. Thanks for the retweet as well!


    Ryan Taft

  7. Hi Ryan,

    I am trying to do what you have said “Click ReTweet on the Retweet from one of your followers. Delete the “RT” that comes up in front of your ReTweeter’s Twitter username”. The only way that I know that someone has Retweeted me is by a notification from my e-mail. When I click on that, a box comes up with the Tweet, that I Tweeted, and a box where I can view the Profile of the Rtweeter. I can go to that Profile and see the Tweets that that Retweeter has Retweeted and see ones that he has Retweeted that are mine. There is not anywhere where I can Retweet it. I can only click on “Reply” which opens up a box where I can make a Reply to my own Twitter name. I cannot find the “RT” that comes up in front of your ReTweeter’s Twitter username”, that you are speaking about.

    Could you provide more information and an example of a Retweet from a Retweeter showing the location of the RT and ReTweeter Twitter’s username, where I am supposed to delete the RT and the colon and insert the “Tx 4 the RT on –>”?

    Thank you, Delores

  8. Delores – You should install TweetDeck and then read a few articles on how to get the most out of TweetDeck. It gives you ALL of the information you’ll need to know if someone retweets you and the ability to ReTweet that tweet, if you know what I mean :) Let me know how that goes.



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