Participating In Twitter Chats Helps Attract New Twitter Followers

Do you participate in any Twitter Chats? Do you host any Twitter Chats of your own? If so, I’m sure you already know just how powerful they are when it comes to generating new Twitter followers and possibly even new business.

What are Twitter Chats?

Twitter Chats are simply discussions between people & businesses which take place on Twitter. Usually the host of the Twitter Chat sets the date, time, topic, and hashtag for the Twitter Chat. People can follow and participate in the Twitter Chat by following the #Hashtag that is setup. The host of the chat will ask a series of questions, usually prefaced by “Q1, Q2, Q3, etc.”. Participants in the Twitter Chat answer those questions by prefacing their tweet with “A1, A2, A3, etc.” depending on what question they are responding to. In all tweets during the Chat a #hashtag is used so that everyone can keep track of all of the responses. Usually what happens (in good Twitter Chats) is that a bunch of discussions are sparked both between Twitter Chat participants and the host, as well as, between participants themselves.

How Do Small Businesses Benefit from Twitter Chats?

Twitter Chat Small Business

Small businesses can benefit in many different ways from participating in Twitter Chats. The biggest benefit to Small Businesses is the accumulation of new, relevant Twitter followers. When you participate (or host) a Twitter Chat you are exposed to a number of other people on Twitter who are interested in the same topic as you. This makes these people highly relevant to your business. As you respond to questions and engage in discussions with others during the Twitter Chat it leads people to start following you (if you have something insightful to say/offer to the Chat). Here are a few additional benefits of Twitter Chats to Small Business:

  • Education – Small Businesses can learn new things about their business, industry, & customer. Not only that but you can also educate customers/prospects about your business, industry, products, and services
  • Website Traffic – Many times during a Twitter Chat there are opportunities to link to one of your blog articles or to your website. Even if the Twitter Chat doesn’t call for you to post a link, you will still get increased website traffic from the increase in your Twitter following and their attempt to learn more about your business
  • Sales – Twitter Chats can lead to new customers and increased sales

If you’re a small business who’s looking to attract new Twitter Followers seek out some relevant Twitter Chats and start participating in them on a regular basis. A great local Twitter Chat is put on by @AndyStettler every Thursday at 1pm. Andy usually focuses on topics like ‘Social Media for Business’, so it’s very educational for small business owners looking to learn more about how to use Social Media to grow sales. To participate simply follow the Twitter Hashtag #RLBchat


  1. Excellent insight. I am going to experiment with this on behalf of cleint. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Jimmy – Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment. I’m glad you liked the article and that you’re going to try Twitter Chats for your clients. Definitely let us know how it goes!



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