Restaurants Can Run a Tweet & Eat Twitter Contest

When it comes to marketing your business through social media, it’s all about engagement. It doesn’t matter if you have 30 followers, or 3,000, if those followers are engaged in what you’re doing then social media is worth your time. Once you’ve spent time increasing your Twitter followers, and building your Twitter profile foundation, it’s time to get your Twitter followers more engaged. For restaurants, a creative promotion to launch for your online community could be a Tweet & Eat Twitter Contest.

What is a Tweet & Eat Twitter Contest?

restaurant marketing twitterVery simply, restaurants can ask patrons to take a picture of their meal with their smart phone and tweet it on Twitter. In exchange for patrons taking the time to participate in your Tweet & Eat Twitter Contest you can offer them some sort of discount on their meal or a free dessert, etc. This Image Marketing tactic can go a long way towards driving new patrons to your restaurant.

Benefits of Running a Tweet & Eat Twitter Contest

Running online contests offer business owners numerous benefits. A Tweet & Eat Twitter Contest can be a lot of fun for your restaurant patrons, as well as, very beneficial for your business. If you’re looking for ways to do the following, then running a Tweet & Eat Twitter Contest might be a smart marketing tactic for your to take advantage of:

  • Increase engagement from your online community
  • Show patrons and prospective patrons (members of your local community) what dishes are on your menu
  • Get pictures of your food in front of your local community
  • Generate more new patrons for your restaurant

If you’re looking to achieve any or all of the goals above, you should run a Tweet & Eat Twitter Contest at your restaurant.

How to Set Up and Run a Tweet & Eat Twitter Contest

Here are the steps you should take when implementing a Tweet & Eat Twitter Contest:

  • Set 2-3 goals for your contest
  • Determine what you will ask restaurant patrons to do in order to participate
  • Come up with an offer that you think is of enough value to entice your restaurant patrons to enter the contest
  • Explain the contest to your servers so they can answer questions and provide any discounts or fulfill the offer
  • Write a blog article or shoot a YouTube video explaining the rules of the contest and begin promoting it online
  • Create an promo sheet that you can put into your menu for patrons to see when ordering
  • Get started!

Running a Tweet & Eat Twitter Contest doesn’t have to be too complicated. With that said, if you don’t spend the proper time planning your contest, you’ll probably encounter more “bumps” during the contest than you need to. Simply take time to think through all aspects of running the contest, ask your servers and others for input, make sure everyone is on the same page as far as the rules and what’s required of patrons, and then simply get started. You can’t succeed if you don’t try. Running a fun contest like the Tweet & Eat Twitter Contest can go a long way to getting your current patrons more engaged in your brand, as well as, attract new patrons to your restaurant.

Restaurants Run Tweet and Eat Twitter Contests

As you continue to use social media tools like Twitter to promote your restaurant, build relationships with patrons, and drive sales, remember that there are many benefits to running Twitter Contests, like a Tweet & Eat Contest or ReTweet Contest. These online contests can be fun for patrons and beneficial for your restaurant. Would you ever consider running a Tweet & Eat Twitter Contest at your restaurant? Leave your comments below.


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