The Power of Viral Videos: Web Video Leads to Record Sales

Have you heard of yet? If not, please check it out right now… Ok, are you back? Did you understand the concept? allows ANYONE to create their very own animated videos. Their tagline is, “if you can type, you can make movies…” The best part about Like many other online tools, it’s free to use. Animated Video Leads to Record Sales

Before we get too far into how small business owners can take advantage of, let’s take a look at an example animated video. The video below was produced by a Gold & Silver dealer. The dealer wanted to use the video to explain how JP Morgan Chase, a global megabank, is manipulating the price of silver. The goal of the Gold & Silver dealer was to educate the public in an entertaining way to the manipulation and use that to explain why investing in silver is a good idea. Their call-to-action was to buy silver and gold. Let’s just say they achieved their goal. Within days of releasing the video it went viral and the Gold & Silver dealer sold so much gold & silver that they ran out of inventory. Let me repeat that, a Gold & Silver dealer used this extraordinary new online tool,, to create an animated video with the goal of educating customers & prospects on why silver is a great investment and within days sales increased so dramatically that they actually had to turn customers away!

So without further ado, check out the video below for yourself.

Creating Animated Videos for Your Small Business

Did you watch the video above? Pretty awesome, right? Yes the voices are monotone, but that’s actually part of the fun. If you get creative you can develop a really entertaining animated video for your business. The web tool allows you to easily turn text-to-movies, select scenes and configure animations. All that you need to do is create the script and go to work on developing your animated video.

We’ll definitely write more about in the coming months. There are a ton of different ways that small businesses can take advantage of this great new online tool. For now, take some time to learn how to use and start brainstorming some creative ideas for how you want to use the tool.

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