Do You Want to be on My JetBlue Facebook Team?

So you want to know the answer to the age old social media question? You know the one —-> How do I get people to become my fan on Facebook? Look no further than a great promotion that JetBlue is running, All-You-Can-Jet Facebook Fan Sweepstakes.

JetBlue is offering fans of their Facebook page a chance to win round-trip airfare, plus a vacation OR free flights for a year. The only criteria are that you become (or are currently) a fan of their Facebook page and that you click the JetBlue Sweeps tab to enter your information.

There’s also a team component. Once you enter, you can build a team of four individuals who will all receive a great vacation package if their team is selected at the end of the promotion.

Now, you might be saying, I cannot afford to fly someone around the world free for a year, but I’ll bet you can afford the $2,000 or so to send 4 friends on a great vacation. I mean, it’s an Advertising write-off anyway, right?

I’d even be willing to bet that you can think of a much better prize, which costs you a lot less. It’s all about getting creative. You can even get a designer/programmer to build you a Facebook application like the one JetBlue built for a small investment. JetBlue is already up 50,000 plus fans – almost double from when the promotion started.

If you’re thinking, “well, JetBlue had 60,000 fans on Facebook to begin with and even more Twitter followers. I don’t have that many people in my network to roll a promotion out to”. That’s OK. It’s all relative. Use JetBlue as an example, but then bring the promotion into your own set of realities. Offer your 30 Facebook fans or 100 Twitter followers a great promotion that provides them something of value in exchange for some sort of action by them.

I have to say this is a really great promotion by JetBlue. They could have stopped at allowing individuals to become fans in order to win a chance at free airfare or a trip. Instead, they did that, and on top of it, they added a viral component to it – Sign up a team. This allows those who become fans of JetBlue on Facebook, to get their friends involved. This opens the door to even more new fans for JetBlue.

I hope that JetBlue will take the contest to the next level after the current promotion ends. A few great add-on promotions that I can think of to help new fans stay connected with the brand are:

  • Use the database of teams collected during this promotion and create a new team-oriented promotion (think March Madness)
  • Have the team who wins record their trip for an additional bonus to them, and then use that footage for news ads/promotions
  • Have a runner-up competition for the top 10 individuals who appear on the most teams. Allow them to take part in a new promotion that generates buzz for the JetBlue brand.
  • Run a promotion to new/existing fans where one fan is selected to accompany the individual who wins the free flights for the year. Each time the original winner flies somewhere new, another fan is selected to fly with him/her.

What do you think of JetBlue’s promotion? What ideas do you have around using a similar promotion for your small business?


  1. - Do You Want to be on My JetBlue Facebook Team?... Fly for free for a year by winning JetBlue's latest competition. …

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