Who Is the Foursquare Mayor of My Small Business?

If you’re not asking yourself, who is the Mayor of FourSquare for my small busines, you may want to start, as there could be a great marketing opportunity in it for you. FourSquare likes people to think of them as an “urban mixtape”. FourSquare allows users to check-in at their favorite local hangouts. When connected with friends on FourSquare, your check-ins allow your friends to know your whereabouts. It also shows them some of your favorite places, which may entice them to meet you there or go try the place on their own. Many different types of businesses, like cafes, bars, restaurants, parks, gyms and more, can take advantage of FourSquare’s service.

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FourSquare Doylestown PAAs a business owner, you are probably starting to see the power of FourSquare for business. The more people you get to “check-in” at your local business, the better. Basically those customers who check-in at your local business on FourSquare, just helped you market your business. The cost to you, $0.

A key to FourSquare immortality is becoming the Mayor of a local business. The more a person continually checks-in at a local business, the better his or her chances are at becoming the mayor of that business. With that said, we do live in America, the land of possibilities, so if you’re not careful, another local patron can come in and steal your Mayor title out from under you. That happens only if another person starts checking-in at the local business, for which you’re the Mayor, more than you do.

As a business owner, there is a HUGE potential marketing campaign that you can run through FourSquare. Call it “Election Night” or “Vote for Our FourSquare Mayor”. The goal should be to get as many of your current customers as possible, along with new customers, to begin checking-in on FourSquare EVERY TIME they come to your business. The goal for customers is to become the Mayor of your small business. In order to entice customers to participate, you should come up with a remarkable offer for the winner.

Since Mayor-ship can change hands frequently, you should put a time limit on the promotion. You could run it 3x a year and whoever the mayor is on X date, is the winner. Perhaps the winner receives a big party at your store in their honor. They can bring friends/family for a free night of food and drinks. If you’re a travel agency, perhaps you can offer the winner a free set of plane tickets somewhere. Whatever the offer is, it should be something that your customers find valuable. This will entice them to participate, along with spreading your promotion to their friends and family.

When it comes to promoting this new marketing campaign, use your other online social tools, like your company blog, Facebook fan page, LinkedIn account, and Twitter. Get the word out to as many people as possible. You may even want to reach out to some local media outlets, as a promotion like this, could garner interest from them – FYI Twitter is a great place to connect with local media personnel. Also use your store to promote the campaign. Perhaps you want to spend a few bucks and print a big in-store billboard for the program and then provide a URL to your blog for customers to learn more. There are countless ways that you can get the word out about your FourSquare promotion, you just have to get creative.

FourSquare is a great new tool for small businesses. There are a lot of creative things that you can do with FourSquare to help drive sales for your small business. The costs for a program like this, except for maybe the incentive, are very small. You can definitely pull this off. So with that said, who’s the FourSquare Mayor for your small business?


  1. Haven’t checked it out yet but have heard about it a few times already this past week. The whole mayor thing seems like a gimmicky way to generate some buzz online. I guess that’s the point of it though. Would you say that Foursquare is a spin off of Yelp?

  2. Ryan – Thanks for the comment. Yes, it’s all about generating buzz and becoming the Mayor of a local business definitely does that. I don’t think FourSquare is a spin-off of Yelp. They do very different things. In fact, after FourSquare launched, I believe Yelp countered with Check-In functionality as well. I love both tools, but I think like most social tools out there, you can do similar things with them, but you can also do very different things with them.


    Ryan Taft


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