Find Out Who Unfollowed Your Business on Twitter

Are you interested in finding out who stopped following your business on Twitter? If so, there’s an online tool to help you with that. offers a free service which allows you to see who unfollowed you on Twitter. Businesses who use Twitter to engage with customers and prospects should always be aware who’s following them and who isn’t. If someone unfollows your business it’s probably for a reason. Before came out with their service, finding out who stopped following you on Twitter was a tedious process. Other services make you wait for an email or direct message. allows you to manually check who unfollowed you whenever you want.

Why Do I Need to Know Who Unfollowed Me on Twitter?

Find out who unfollowed you on TwitterKnowing who unfollowed your small business on Twitter is important, but knowing why they unfollowed you is even more critical. Obviously you can’t find out the why without knowing the who. By using you can get a list of all of the Twitter users who recently unfollowed you (hopefully it’s a short list). You can then begin to reach out to each of them via a reply tweet to explain that you noticed that they unfollowed you and you wanted to make sure you improved your Twitter presence, so you’d like to know why they made their decision.

Learning what you may have done to cause people to stop following you can help you evolve your Twitter strategy, so that you avoid losing Twitter followers in the future. One nice benefit that we’ve noticed when following this Twitter communication strategy is that many of your old followers will respond with “I didn’t realize I stopped following you” or “There must have been a mix up, I didn’t mean to unfollow you”, which leads to them beginning to follow you again! Whether they start following you again or not, it’s important to understand the reason behind why those who meant to stop following you did so. This will only help your Twitter strategy become more effective in the future.

How Do I See Who Unfollowed Me on Twitter?

It’s very easy to use – Here are the steps you need to take to see who unfollowed your business on Twitter:

  1. who stopped following me on twitterNavigate to
  2. Enter your Twitter login information where it says, “Sign in with Twitter”
  3. Once you’re signed in you will see an orange bar on the right side entitled, “who unfollowed me lite”, click the bar below entitled, “check unfollowers”
  4. The first time you do this the system cache’s your Twitter followers. This only occurs once. Stop back later (in a day or 2) and repeat the process. will then compare your current follower list to their cached list to determine who stopped following you on Twitter.

Finding out who unfollowed your business on Twitter is definitely important, but finding out why they unfollowed your business on Twitter is critical. helps you find out who, then it’s up to you to find out why. Be sure to take the time to contact your old followers so that you can make better use of Twitter in the future.

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